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With YouTube receiving around 100 hours of video per minute, the potential of attracting the attention of viewers is truly huge. It is actually quite easy to advertise on YouTube and you can easily upload ads that will appear before the beginning of a video.

Here is a simple beginner’s guide on advertising on YouTube.

You need to have a Google AdWords account to start the process. In case you do not have an account then you can open a new account and then visit to initialize your own campaign of video ads.

You must remember to set a comfortable budget per day in your general settings. You can begin with a smaller budget initially and can increase the amount once you receive the desired response. You only need to pay Google when someone watches the complete ad. The average spend is about $.01 to $.23.

You can engage in further customization regarding bidding as well as where you want your ads to be displayed. For instance, you can specify ZIP codes, cities, regions, and IP addresses, among others where your ads need to be displayed. You can start with broad settings to test the waters while opting for deeper customization if you only wish to reach out to a specifically targeted audience.

Advanced settings will also allow you to set the time and day of display of your video ads. Depending on your requirements, you can avoid displaying your ads late at night and can focus on displaying more ads during lunch and tea break hours in your chosen region.

You can also specify the devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops on which you want your video ads to be displayed by using the “Device Targeting” feature. In addition, you can also select whether you want your ads to be displayed to a particular age group, gender, category, keywords and phrases, or websites, among others.

You can use the Google Keyword tool that will soon morph into the Keyword Planner tool to extract specific and relevant keywords typed in by interested viewers during search. Once you have successfully handled basic and advanced settings then you can upload your video ad.

The above guide should help you overcome any fear or hesitation on advertising on YouTube. Continuous tracking of the performance of your ads will help further fine-tune your strategy and make the most out of this excellent advertising avenue.

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