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Google Adwords is the absolute best online advertisement system and the 800 pound gorilla of online advertising. Google adwords services provides an incredible bang for your buck and highest ROI. Combining that with Google’s reach in search as well as partner networks which also includes YouTube, you are pushed to embrace google ads services when you are looking to grow your business online. Google ads management is a crucial part of most broader digital marketing campaigns.


Google is the most powerful search engine with more than 90% of dominant market share.  No wonder google ads services are a part of digital marketing campaigns of all prominent businesses.  However, not all businesses are proficient with google adwords services.  Running a successful google ads management service campaign has a steep learning curve.  At the same time, most businesses have their own business to handle as well.  For most of them, their skills are limited to their own business.  Hence most businesses are dependent on an external google ads agency for their google ads services requirement.

And it does not end there.  We have seen several businesses struggle with their google adwords management services even though they have hired a 3rd party google ads partner.  The problem is the way google adwords management campaigns work.  The google adwords management campaigns are auction based and the campaign bidding the highest for a search keyword gets the top position.  Hence, even if you have hired a 3rd party google ads agency running google ads services for you, if they make a small mistake, there is a good chance of losing your entire month’s ad budget in a day or even within few hours.  At times the google ads company who is helping you is not proficient enough in their google ads management service and as a result you might not be receiving ROI for your invested dollars.  Hence, choosing a competent google ads agency for your google adwords management service is not an easy task.


When you are interviewing various google ads agency to choose the right one for your google ads campaign management requirement, do make sure you find out what kind of google certification the google ads company has.  As of now, there are 2 tiers of partnerships.  The basic level is Google Partner – which is achieved even if your google ads agency has only one Google Certification.  The 2nd tier is Premier Google Partner – this requires your google adwords agency to have multiple employees who are Google Certified in various different categories of google services.  Verifying google partnership level is the most important aspect when you are trying to choose an adwords management company for your google adwords management services requirement.


Anuva is proud to be a Premier Google Partner with a google ads expert team with Google Certifications in various different aspects of Google.  Our google ads expert team has proven experience of managing and optimizing large campaigns delivering top ROI.  You would not be disappointed if you choose us as your google adwords partner to handle your google advertising services needs.


The process for our proven google ads management services includes but not limited to:

  • Detailed keyword analysis.
  • PPC account setup.
  • Creation of adgroups.
  • Creative ads.
  • Bid Research, Analysis, Selection.
  • Landing page (if reqd).
  • Quality Score Analysis and improvement based on monitoring.
  • Google Analytics setup.
  • Bid Management.
  • Split Testing – Ads, Landing Pages.
  • Campaign Monitoring – Bid Management based on performance, ad position, etc, enable-disable ad groups based on performance to improve overall CPC.
  • Monitoring and Detailed Reporting.


Speaking of money, our google ads services are extremely cost effective.  In fact, we are one of the most cost effective google adwords agency around.  Do understand that you are getting a Premier Google Partner level of google ads services at such competitive rates.  As a result, as a google adwords company, we are able to provide top most ROI for google ads services.

Choose the Google adwords service that gets results for you. Choose our Google adwords management agency and get a high-quality service at a great price.  We are confident you will become yet another loyal customer.

Contact us now, and we will get back to you with an advertising plan within 2 business days.  We will listen to your goals and create an ad campaign that will help you achieve them.

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