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The Dos and Don’ts of SEO for Dentists! or

A Set of Rules for Dental SEO that Every Dentist should know! or

A Comprehensive Checklist for Dental SEO Marketing

How many times have you searched for a local business for your daily requirements? Whether the search is for finding a cooking recipe or a dentist for toothache, we all go online to find our answers. Hence in this digital world, it is inevitable to have your presence online. But being present online isn’t enough in this competitive world. You need to work upon being present in such a way that your services outshine the first page of all SERP’s. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts rules when it comes to Dental SEO services.

The ‘TO DO’ List for Dental SEO Marketing

  • Realize the Power of Dental SEO: More than 80% of consumers use online local searches to find local businesses and among them almost 90% of these searches begin and end on the first page of the search engines itself. So, if you are not on this first page then your services are practically invisible for your potential patients.
  • Be Optimized for Local Searches: Platforms such as Google Local, Bing Places and Yahoo Local Listings provide localized businesses an ability to create special profiles that appear in the SERP’s when someone locally searches for their services. By optimizing your profiles with the most helpful information and relevant keywords for your potential patients, they (patients) can make an informed decision about contacting you.
  • Focus on Creating a Unique Content: In the world of SEO, content is the king. You may have a beautiful looking website. But if the search engines find your content duplicated or spam then chances are less for your website to be ranked high. So, always provide fresh, informative and useful content that increases the traffic of your site genuinely.
  • Use Page Optimization Techniques: On-Page SEO techniques such as page titles, internal linking, Meta tags & descriptions, long and unique content etc and off-Page SEO techniques such as social networking, blogging, social bookmarking, directory submission, etc. help you in getting higher rankings. So take care of both — on page and off page optimization techniques — while SEO of your dental website.
  • Create Media Content: If you have the resources to create an informative video about your services or how you perform those services then create one. Similarly, images of you, your workplace, and your performing procedures connect with potential patients easily. Because videos and images have much less of a competition, they tend to help you rank high in all major search engines.
  • Generate Patient Reviews: Reviews, ratings and testimonials are asset information for any business to prove their credibility. Dentistry is no different profession.
  • Check your Online Profiles to Manage Reputation: You should always keep on checking your profiles for any new comments, queries, and posts. Replying to these responses will aid in your credible reputation. Also, ensure that the personal as well as professional contact information provided in all your profiles is the same else this may confuse the search engines and result in your de-ranking.

The ‘NOT TO DO’ List for Dental SEO Marketing

  • Underestimate the Power of SEO: Based on the way the search engines are modifying their search algorithms, SEO is proving to be a cost effective tool. It is the best marketing strategy to generate business for local businesses such as yours. Although the SEO industry is now diversifying according to various professions and industries such as dental website SEO, hospitality website SEO, E-commerce website SEO, etc. hence a SEO agency that specializes in your field is preferable over a generic SEO providing agency.
  • Neglect Social Media Optimization: Social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are ideal for communicating with your patients and driving referrals. These platforms also help in improving your SEO because links from such social media that posts back to your website are high-quality back links.
  • Use Spam Content: Irrelevant content or repetitive content made with the sole purpose of fitting keywords for SEO purpose is not at all helpful for your dental SEO. Keeping a high keyword density (more than 3-5% of your content) will alert the search engines of unnatural efforts.
  • Use Plagiarized Content: A plagiarized content, i.e. any content (no matter how good it is) copied from elsewhere is a big NO NO! Nowadays search engines are super smart and can identify such content very easily. Upon identifying you could even get penalized. Hence, instead create your own unique content and enjoy the benefits of high rankings.
  • Have Incomplete Online Profiles: Having incomplete online profiles such as no contact details frustrates your potential patients because after the detailed investigation about you, they would have concluded to opt for your services and then they don’t know from where to contact you.
  • Ignore Negative Reviews: At some point of time you are bound to get a negative review. Such a review shouldn’t be neglected instead investigate, contact and try to solve their problem in a neutral manner.

In today’s competitive world many dental SEO service providers claim empty promises, false guarantees, and use black hat SEO techniques without your knowledge. But there is one thing to be remembered here — nobody can guarantee you rankings. So, you should choose wisely, a reputed and experienced dental SEO provider.

Since 2005, Anuva Technologies has been serving Dental SEO to dental industry promising an ROI based output. We know and understand that your profession does not allow you to devote time on upgrading your website and profiles online with the continuously changing parameters of search engines. Hence when it comes to dental SEO marketing we are a trusted name to build a great looking, mobile-friendly website that is optimized for both search engines and patient conversions.

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