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Google’s Penguin update has focused on punishing websites that use low-quality links while rewarding those with high-quality links as well as unique and related content. The times has come for everyone to focus their energies on effective link building tactics and quality content while burying mass linking and mass directory submissions for good.

You need to firstly consider the actual reasons for indulging in link building and developing high quality content for your client’s website. In addition to receiving better rankings, you certainly need to attract more customers and build revenues from those customers. However, you also need to be in tune with Google’s regular updates since there are rumors that future updates might give less importance to links made through infographics as well as guest blogging. Your strategies will need to conform to such changes, if and when they are implemented.

Furthermore, understanding your client’s business model, client business goals, and the market in which the website needs to battle it out with others is also equally important. You will be able to create and implement a marketing strategy that matches your client’s business goals as well as build up trust since you will be then be able to communicate on the same wavelength.

You also need to clarify from your clients as to why they need more links, how increased links will help their business, and just how you plan to go about with your link building strategy. You need to further ensure that these increased links also bring in revenues, which should anyway be the end goal of your strategy. Merely boosting links with no noticeable rise in revenues or boosting the brand of your client would be a waste of time, energy, and money.

Your client may not understand backlink reports or complex link-building exercises, but will certainly understand rising revenues flowing in after the execution of your strategy. You need to concentrate on observing metrics that make sense to your client as well as provide tangible results that show improvements.

You need to plan out and execute a long-term strategy that provides results that are in line with your predictions. This move will build trust and ensure that your project lasts its entire term without any hiccups or complaints from your client. The end result should improve the bottomline and brand of your client in an ethical and measurable way rather than merely show an increase in links.

At present guest blogging is an excellent strategy that should certainly be exploited while keeping an eye on new Google updates at the same time. Infographics too can be turned into information that actually helps website visitors, which in turn adds value to the site. Once you model your strategy on your core values as well as those of your clients, understand and fulfill the needs of your target audience, then you can be sure of turning each client’s business and products into a respected and sought-after brand.

When you re-focus your energy from merely increasing links for your clients and instead concentrate on actually providing tangible results for them through increased conversions and revenues then you will be able to achieve the business goals of your clients along with your own. Engaging in effective link building and providing quality content with an eye on improving the business bottom line of your client will ensure long-term success and satisfaction for everyone involved in the project.

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