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Retargeting is an excellent way of placing your brand before your unconverted website visitors when they visit other websites. Your ads can follow each visitor that may have visited your website and can certainly boost your odds of leading the visitor back to your website.

However, several marketers have ended up making mistakes as they try to lure back visitors and you should not end up making those mistakes in your retargeting campaign.

You should make sure that you do not end up retargeting each and every visitor that visits your website. You need to make sure that you only retarget visitors that have visited specific webpages of your site such as your product page, shipping page, etc.

You should use data Programmatic Site Retargeting or PSR to learn all about visitor behavior at your website such as referral data, pages viewed, etc. This feature will help you retarget specific visitors that hold the most potential of turning into conversions.

Another rookie mistake made by most marketers is to engage in online stalking of visitors over an unlimited period of time. You need to avoid this mistake and set a time limit of advertising to a visitor based on your business model and keeping your brand image in mind. Continuous stalking of each visitor that is showing no sign of re-interest in your website will not only cost more money, but will adversely harm your reputation and your brand in the eyes of the visitor.

You should also avoid the temptation of hiring different retargeting firms simultaneously to retarget your visitors. Their efforts will just saddle you with a high bill while boosting impression costs at the same time. You should hire an efficient company and monitor the results over a set period of time before you decide on whether that company is the right one for your retargeting campaign.

You should also avoid focusing only on clicks on your ads as a way of measuring the success of your retargeting campaign. You should additionally consider view through attribution to evaluate your campaign since many visitors may not re-visit your website by clicking on your ads on another site.

You should also understand that in addition to website retargeting there are other forms of retargeting too. These include social, contextual, SEO, search, engagement, and email retargeting. You should explore all these forms, especially search retargeting that focuses on keywords typed by visitors before displaying your ads before them.

Avoiding the above mistakes will help you make the most out of your retargeting campaign while boosting your brand image at the same time.

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