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Whether you run a large business in a one of the world largest metropolis or whether you run a small business in a nondescript town your ability to target specific geographic locations for your online advertising can save you tons of money and also boost your business. Google now allows advertisers to target specific locations more efficiently in North America (US and Canada) and nine other countries with Adwords.

It is now possible to target specific locations based on ZIP code in the United States and Canada. This means that you will now be able plan, buy, and get reports for Adwords for more than one thousand locations in these two countries.

As far as the US is concerned you can also target your online advertisement campaigns at TV audiences in a particular city. Google has just changed its U.S. metro targeting areas to Nielsen DMA or Designated Market Areas this means you can use the database of the TV audience and target those areas. However this might seem to reduce traffic or increase it in certain cases. Google estimates that the overall impact will not be very big for most advertisers.

For business that want to provide their service to a limited market due to certain constraints then they can use the Radius Targeting Option. With this they can select specific cities and ZIP codes to reach their target audience.

City and region specific targeting is now available in countries like Bulgaria (region and city), Denmark (city), Belgium (city), India (city), Ireland (city), Sweden (region and city), Romania (city), Vietnam (city), and Taiwan (city). With the addition of these countries the total number of cities where you can target regions and cities has risen to 43.

To further illustrate the point let us consider that you are a manufacturer based in India and sell through stores in major cities of India. In this case you will be able to monitor the performance of your advertisement campaigns by checking out the reports from different cities e.g. Chennai, Ahmedabad, etc. In case you note that you are not doing particularly well in certain cities you can alter your campaign or make suitable changes so that your target audience is met and you get better results from that city. As you make changes you will get more clicks, more visits to stores, and better conversions.

This is a welcome development for small and large businesses in these newly added countries.

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