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In a bid to improve defects that it claims was caused by people handling search queries, Bing has recently updated it search quality to improve search experience and resolve irritating issues faced by users. Bing has done an in-depth research into its users search queries to refine the results so that people spend less time searching and more time exploring the right results.

Bing has started out with reducing defects in what it calls as URL queries. Bing researchers found out that a large number of users used URL names as queries and also misspelled URL names or even typed in variants to actual names in a bid to reach their intended website. Bing has improved the algorithm used to better locate the actual websites and steer users away from spammers and phishing sites that try to mimic genuine sites with slight spelling variations.

Another area of improvement has been done in the resource links section where unnecessary resource links have been done away with and synonyms that Bing feels does not add much value to the search are now shown in black color. The Bing update also offers more information in resource links to help users understand as to which results are related more to their actual query.

Bing has also moved its related search results to the right of the actual results and refined them by improving their relevance models. Search settings have also been taken into consideration while providing relevant results displayed through their new and improved systemic algorithm.

In a bid to improve services and compete with other search engines, Bing too has presented an updated release of its search engine to improve the quality of its results and shorten the searching time of its users. However, only time will display if their efforts have borne fruit or whether Bing will need to line up new people to pin the blame on search result errors.

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