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Optimizing Pages for Multilingual Websites

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Optimizing Pages for Multilingual Websites

Your multilingual website will need SEO techniques that can be a bit different and difficult than optimizing websites in English. Here are a few tips to make sure that your multilingual site attracts your target market and pleases search engines at the same time.

Your multilingual website too will need top-quality keywords just as any website created in English. Locating these keywords, however, will require additional skills and effort since you will need to locate appropriate translations. You should realize that direct translations may not always make for top keywords and instead should locate and analyze related terms that deliver better results than direct translations.

In addition, just as in any English website, keyword stuffing will also be rewarded with lower rankings. Google’s Penguin update now treats keyword stuffing as spam across all languages and you will thus need to ensure that all keywords are used judiciously and form a natural ingredient in the content of that webpage.

In addition to injecting high-quality keywords in your webpage, you can also use them in your URL. As search engines such as Yahoo and Google look for matching search queries and display part of URLs that match search such queries, you can indicate the content of that webpage in a very brief way by including them in the URL. Users will also understand the language of your website by looking at your URL in the search result.

Anyway, you can always use country-specific domains such as .co.uk for United Kingdom, .fr for France, .au for Australia, etc., to indicate the location of your website. If you do not wish to spend money on a new domain name, using the Geotargeting Tool from Google is an easy way of indicating your geographical location to Google and your target market.

Furthermore, indulging in the optimization of your Title and Description Tags will also indicate to search engines on just how you want your web pages to be indexed. You should also include important keywords in titles and sub-titles, and you should provide at the minimum one H1 Tag for every webpage with a primary keyword to attract major search engines. You can do the same with sub-titles by way of including them on links that can be clicked.

The above optimization tips should certainly help your multilingual website attain enhanced online exposure and target your target market. Make sure you focus your efforts on locating the best possible keywords after thorough research of short and long-tailed keywords including variations, synonyms, and abbreviations that show better results than direct translations.

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