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SEO without measurement is like shooting in the dark. Measurement is not only important to determine your future course of action, but also required to justify your SEO spends. Most people that own websites measure SEO campaigns based on superficial metrics like rankings. Well, rankings are important as they provide visibility, exposure, and higher traffic. However, ranking is not the only metric; as traffic will not necessarily translate into higher conversions. So, how do you measure your campaign progress and check if your goals are met. Well, here are a few points you need to ponder on:

Clear definition of your goals

Before you measure your goals it is advisable that you clearly define your goals. It could be anything from increased conversion, increased sales, increased submissions of contact forms, or page views, etc. Take a step back and think why you developed your website, and you will realize what your true goals are.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to track your goals. There are essentially three elements you can track with Google Analytics: event tracking, ecommerce tracking, and standard goal tracking.

Event Tracking

To track events you need to place additional code on text links, images, and videos. In case you are not aware please refer to Google’s detailed instructions on placement of event tracking code.

This process helps you understand user behavior on your site. For example you may have a goal of increased PDF downloads, but you are unable to tell how many downloads are happening via standard tracking. Event tracking can tell you all this. You can also test link click-throughs or check how many visitors are leaving your site and clicking links on your website to visit other sites. All these can be done with Event Tracking.

Ecommerce Tracking

To begin Ecommerce using Google Analytics tracking go to AdminProfilesProfile Settingsecommerce setting. You may also have to place additional tracking code on your page.

This is a very important element for transactional sites to understand transactions and flow of revenue. This tool will also tell you check the success or failure you are having with keywords or landing pages based on the number of transactions happening on this page. You can decipher organic traffic flow and determine what is helping you sell and what prevents you from selling more. This understanding will help you analyze your website on a granular level and allow you to make changes to your landing pages to increase conversions.

Standard Tracking

This is the easiest of the three to implement. You can track goals like page views, form submissions, etc. If you maintain a thank you page where users are directed after filling forms it can be used to track this goal. In case you have different types of lead forms then you obviously will have multiple goals. In such situations you need to keep a keen eye on matching goals and URLs as a mistake here could lead to faulty or inaccurate readings.

We have just scratched the surface, and the concepts discussed are very basic. There are endless analytical possibilities which you can track to make sure you are getting sufficient bang for your buck. But do these as a start, and as you go along you can get into more complex measurements.

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