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Countless Link Building Tips to help improve your Link-Building Campaign

Link building may have been called by several new names in recent past, but this strategy still holds water in these competitive times. Here are countless link-building tips that must form part of your link-building strategy.

  • Use different link tools including Google Webmaster Tools to get a complete picture of all of your links since different tools deliver lists that may vary
  • You should politely request a site to remove an unwanted link rather than trying to force them or threatening them in a verbal manner
  • You must also provide the precise location of the link that you want removed to make it easier for that site to remove it
  • In case other link-removing tactics fail, then you should opt for the Disavow Tool provided you use it as per Google’s guidelines
  • You also need to regularly extract backlink reports to locate 301s that still manage to pass bad links to your website
  • You need to continuously look out for fresh content related to your business and industry, and curate that content in an innovative manner to get greater attention
  • You should also write and distribute your own unique content based on your experience and expertise in your industry, especially if it can help solve problems faced by your industry
  • You also need to promote your content aggressively through social media sites, newsletters, personalized emails, etc.
  • You must make sure that anchor is always present in your content that goes to a target since matching anchors and content always fare better
  • You also need to ensure speedier website load times and a website that skips seamlessly across pages since Google does rank a website on these parameters
  • You need to constantly monitor your rankings, especially after an algorithm update since ignoring this tedious tip will result in lower traffic and conversions in case of an adverse effect on your rankings
  • You must ensure that all your links work on all types of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones since increasing number of portable devices are now used to browse and shop by more people on the move
  • Guest posting is a fantastic way of boosting your visibility, popularity, respectability, and rankings provided you manage to blog on a post with higher authority
  • You must also check regularly to find out if your website has been hacked by using search engines and confirming if your site is not linked to spammy ones
  • You must use tools such as Screaming Frog to locate problems on your website include those related to crawling and indexing
  • In addition to exploiting all possible features of Google Webmaster Tools, you can also use rival tools such as Bing Webmaster that offer different features to help your campaign
  • If you are facing problems such as email spam then you can try excluding complete URLs in your outreach emails to improve response rates
  • You must learn how to use ROI measuring tools to help understand if you are on the right track
  • You should also make full use of the Google Structured Data Tool to test out your webpages and learn all about your structured data markeup
  • You must learn how to make the most out of your Google+ since this tactic will reward you with natural links and higher rankings in an indirect manner
  • Of course, looking at your competitors links and applying their successful strategies will help you improve your own campaign and rankings
  • You should check if any site that you plan to link up with is indexed regularly by using the search so as to confirm if it is indeed worth linking up with it
  • You must try to get citations or even co-citations on respected websites since these mentions can help boost rankings as well as provide opportunities to achieve better relevancy
  • You should also remove unwanted pages from indexing by instructing search engines through their Webmaster tools or by adding noindex meta tags
  • If your rankings have plummeted beyond repair then you should consider starting again with a brand new site rather than wasting any more time on putting up reconsideration requests
  • You can try using EMDs or Exact Match Domain in case you feel it can help your campaign and only after analyzing your move at regular intervals
  • You should learn to use the Wayback Machine to get a history of your URLs along with dates as well as codes on sites on which they were present

The above tips will definitely help you to improve your link-building campaign provided you use them in a way that does not violate Google Webmaster Guidelines.

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