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Blog posts play an important part in increasing your brand equity. Good informative blog posts also drive traffic to your intended merchant site and create an impression that you are an active online merchant or web expert. Blog posts also increase your visibility and are an important part of your SEO strategy. However, your blogs have to be indexed accurately so that they make their presence felt in search results by occupying correct and top positions on search result pages.

In the beginning of this year Google introduced a fantastic suite of new SEO features that help you achieve your above mentioned objectives. The features make sure your blog posts and images are indexed accurately and appear just as you would like them to appear on the search results page.

Today Google announced the introduction of yet another feature that will further enable you to customize your search preferences more effectively via Custom Permalinks.

Earlier whenever you write a blog and posted it Blogger would automatically generate a permalink. This permalink generated would be based on the title of your post. You had no control over the generation of the permalink. The new feature that Google introduced today allows you absolute control over your blog and posts. The result is that viewers get more information about your posts when they scan search results.

Creation of a custom permalink is relatively easy and you can do it with the help of the “Permalink Option” in the Post Settings box. Just click permalink which is below the Labels and schedule tag and choose Custom URL. Once you have done this then type your Custom URL in the field below.

For example if you wrote a post on 17th July 2012, your new URL will be

The bold text in the above example is your URL that is customized. In the event your chosen permalink already exists then Blogger will find a new one for you.

All characters from A-Z, a-z, and 0-1 are presently allowed. Special characters like period, underscore, and dash are also allowed.

This new feature should light up the faces of many a bloggers.


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