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The internet has changed the manner in which people shop. In recent times, people choose to order clothes and jewelry online instead of the traditional way of visiting a boutique. This has raised a necessity for boutique owners to create their presence online. Boutique Website Design and Web Development services can be chosen to develop your presence online. And to get visible to your potential clients, you then need an effective boutique marketing agency for your Boutique.

Anuva is a leading boutique digital marketing agency, specializing in customized fashion SEO, boutique SEM, boutique web design and development for new upcoming boutiques as well as existing ones.


Search engine optimization aka boutique SEO is a critical campaign for fashion digital marketing. It provides your boutique website a boost it needs, so that when your target audience is searching for a boutique like yours, your boutique website comes up in the top search results.

We are the professionals you need to enhance your boutique business. Our boutique SEO services have helped many fashion, beauty and lifestyle designers achieve online success. Our boutique marketing agency team has the required knowledge and experience to provide a thoughtful and cohesive boutique internet marketing experience resulting in a boutique identity that you will be delighted to share with your clients.

So, wait no more! Anuva is the best boutique advertising agency for your boutique to establish a network of connections and promote your fashion business and brand online with panache.


A boutique SEO agency like Anuva is the fastest way to online success for your boutique. Pay-Per-Click (boutique PPC) advertising for your boutique website brings your site to the top position on the relevant search result pages in the ads section. The main advantage of boutique SEM or boutique PPC service is that you are charged only for those times when a searcher clicks on your ad.




When you select a boutique advertising agency, be careful with your selection as boutique advertising is a complex service, and only a seasoned and experienced boutique seo company team like us can provide you ROI-based results. It involves a high level of keyword research, competitive analysis, and industry bench-marking which can only be handled by Google certified professionals. We have a team of more than 60 such experienced boutique seo professionals.


For a boutique, generating a buzz and creating a community of people that love their work and designs is very crucial. Social media is a platform which can be leveraged upon by boutiques to engage with their clients and turn them into influencers who readily promote them by online word of mouth publicity.

Our social media boutique experts have vast experience in building brand names and reputation of many fashion and lifestyle designers. Our boutique digital marketing agency works closely with every individual client to understand their business needs and always uses advanced social media trends to develop a highly effective marketing plan for boutique advertising.


Just as beautiful and interesting your fashion and lifestyle designs are, your boutique graphic design should be as beautiful. A good boutique web design company provides you lots of ideas for your boutique website design to choose from. Such a boutique web design agency also takes care of creating a user-friendly e-commerce website so that your clients can easily navigate through your online boutique and buy whatever they like with just a click.

We are a trusted boutique web design firm because our boutique website designers provide beautiful designs, give attention to the smallest of detail and offer responsive customer services. Our online boutique website design ensures attraction and retention of huge relevant traffic by providing them a fabulous user-friendly online experience and providing them appropriate content which they would love to read. We develop responsive boutique website designs so that your prospective clients can enjoy their shopping experience irrespective of the device they might be using.

So what are you waiting for? Call our boutique digital marketing agency to create an attractive boutique website and then device a targeted boutique seo strategy for your online success.

Fashion Marketing – Clothing Advertising FAQs

What is Fashion Marketing or Boutique Marketing?

Fashion marketing service allows you to promote your products online and increase sales.  Hence, fashion marketing management would allow your clients to find you easily and purchase your products.  Fashion marketing also allows you to develop your boutique or fashion website’s credibility online, increase trust factor, improve online branding and at the same time be in a position to educate your end clients.  Fashion marketing allows you to significantly increase your boutique’s visibility in your all important local market.

Does clothing advertising really work? How to handle advertising fashion business?

A clothing advertising or boutique advertising campaign focuses on running ad campaigns in Google and/or Facebook. The idea is to have our ads show up at the top for the lowest possible cost. Our Google Certified boutique advertising and fashion SEO experts ensure that the cost of ads keeps reducing over time through ongoing campaign optimization. Our methods developed through years of experience ensure we generate excellent ROI for our clothing advertising campaigns.

A fashion advertising campaign would start showing results within 7 days of going live with the campaign. At the same time, there are keyword searches (especially generic keyword searches) which are not feasible to optimize in a fashion SEO campaign. Hence boutiques should look to do fashion PPC along with fashion SEO / boutique SEO to capture the entire target-able audience. Also there are times when a boutique is looking for sales as soon as possible. In such cases as well a fashion advertising aka fashion ppc campaign is what we recommend our clients.

Do I really need boutique marketing agency / fashion marketing agency?

With so much information available on internet, you would be tempted to handle your fashion advertising on your own instead of hiring a competent fashion marketing agency.  Do understand that some internet reading and understanding of social media would not really cut it in such highly competitive market of clothing advertising.  Remember, your competitors would have possibly hired one of the highly ranked fashion advertising agency for their fashion marketing management campaigns.  It requires a lot of ongoing effort, study and expertise plus keeping pace with constant Google updates to run a successful clothing advertising campaign.  Otherwise you are risking significant losses, especially in Google/Facebook fees for any of the fashion advertising campaigns.  We have a team of fashion SEO experts who are Google Certified with years of experience handling several fashion marketing campaigns.  We are clear that hiring a boutique marketing firm is the best option for you for the long term.  Else you would be risking losing clients/opportunities and losing advertising dollars.

Does Boutique Website Design impact Sales?

If you are running aggressive fashion marketing campaigns, it is very important that you have a great fashion web design that meets current web trends and your audience taste.  When you are spending valuable advertising dollars and bringing your target audience to your fashion website, it makes perfect sense to have the best fashion web design.  If not, you are risking losing your potential client and at the same time all the marketing effort of bringing the client to the website would go waste.  This would result in lower ROI in the fashion marketing campaigns that you are running.  Hence it is important that our fashion web design is of latest standards and reflects your business accurately.

What is fashion SEO? Why SEO for Fashion eCommerce is must?

Fashion SEO is a process by which first page search engine rankings are achieved for keyword searches that are relevant to your business and can bring you the most sales for your products.  SEO for fashion eCommerce if handled professionally would ensure that you are found on the first page of Google when a user is looking for the products you offer.  If not, your competitors would occupy the first page in Google and will be rewarded with new business.  A successful SEO for fashion eCommerce would require a Google Certified team of fashion SEO experts optimize your website and manage ongoing SEO optimization including link building.

Fashion SEO is really important for your business.  If your SEO is poor, Google would not rank your website in the first page and you are potentially invisible to your clients.  Remember, nobody goes through 10 pages of Google search results to look for a right product.  In fact, 97% of the users do not even go to the 2nd page of search results.

How does fashion social media marketing program help?

Everybody spends a lot of time in social media every day and your potential client is no exception.  Most people like to work with firms which are popular online.  Fashion social media marketing program would help your boutique improve user engagement and help you build your online community.  A post on Facebook or Twitter can help you engage and interact with your potential client and at the same time educate your client about happenings/updates in your industry.  When you do this, it improves your online branding and builds trust.  This would lead to more traffic to your website and more sales.

What works best Fashion Facebook Ads or Fashion Instagram Ads?

For a lot of businesses, Facebook ads and Instagram Ads work equally well.  However, fashion is more of a visual business.  Most users would check out multiple pictures of say an apparel before purchasing.  Hence, the chances of fashion Instagram ads being more successful than fashion Facebook ads are high.  Instagram is also coming up with more and more innovations in terms of how the fashion Instagram ads would show up on their platform.  Such innovations are going to tilt the scales towards fashion Instagram ads more as compared to fashion Facebook ads.  More and more boutiques are now running fashion Instagram ad campaigns as an integral part of their fashion advertising campaigns.

How much does a fashion marketing management campaign cost?

As a leading fashion marketing agency, we are handling campaigns of several fashion eCommerce companies in various different areas of fashion.  In fashion marketing, the campaign size/cost would depend on several factors including the number of product and product categories you sell, target geography, etc.  Hence, the answer to your query is – it depends.  Fashion marketing management campaigns start from as low as $400 per month.  We are handling fashion PPC campaigns starting with an ad budget (Google, Facebook) of $1,000 per month.  Our management fees for the fashion ppc campaigns start from $300 per month.  We configure our fashion marketing campaigns as per your budget to ensure you get the most buck out of your advertising dollars.  The focus at all times is on generating top most ROI.

How long does a fashion marketing campaign take to start showing results?

Most fashion advertising campaigns start showing results within 7 days of going live with the campaign.  A fashion SEO campaign would start showing results within 60 to 90 days of launch.  However, you can expect best results in a fashion SEO campaign after 6 months.  All of these timelines can vary some percentage based on the competition, history of your website, etc. as Google looks at hundreds of factors for top rankings.

What is a good ROI on online boutique marketing?

A typical boutique marketing campaign would cost around 7-20% of revenue.  This is an acceptable marketing spend in the industry.  At the same time our Google Certified fashion SEO experts would work to ensure we keep reducing the ad cost through ongoing optimization to ensure we are close to the lower end of the marketing cost as much as possible.  Do understand that the costing does not include repeat business you get from the clients and also referrals.  In most cases once you include life time value of a client & their referrals, the marketing spend turns out much lower.  Hence, your actual ROI is much higher for each client you capture.  Fashion marketing is one of the cheapest way to promote your business and capture lifetime clients.

What are some results?

We are a Premier Google Partner with a team of Google Certified Professionals in various different aspects of Google.  Our team of fashion SEO experts have years of experience achieving top results for firms of all sizes and budgets.  You can check out ranking achievements of few of our select clients at

What do I do next?

Call us at 916-273-9549 or schedule a call at a time convenient to you at our online calendar – to find out how we can help you.

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You have all done a wonderful job making both of my websites look more modern and professional. I would also like to say how excellent your customer support has been. Any and all concerns I had were addresses immediately with no questions asked....
- Beau Mason
We are more than satisfied with Anuva's Search Engine Optimization services. They have developed and upgraded our website and promoted the business very efficiently. Kudos! Keep it up! We have emerged as a reputed large scale organization and...
- Richard, Seattle
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