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In the world dominated by internet, car dealer digital marketing can be the difference between a highly profitable car dealership and a failing one. SEO for car dealers is a non-negotiable service needed by car dealerships to gain a significant online presence. The more effective is the car dealer SEO, the better is their online visibility, and ultimately, better are their sales and revenue.

When it comes to choosing your car dealer online marketing partner, it is advisable to choose the one who is an expert in your field and the one who has proven experience working in your industry.  Anuva is one such car dealership digital marketing provider that guarantees ROI-based results. Our SEO for car dealers service will help you stand out from the competition of thousands of websites and maintain that top visibility and prominence for you.


Car dealership digital marketing is one of the most important elements of a car dealership’s advertisement success. SEO for car dealers is one of the most effective and cost-efficient way to promote your products in your target geographic market.  It also works well in conjunction with car dealer advertising whereby you are able to reach your entire targetable audience.




Through our car dealer SEO services, we help our clients cross every hurdle, big or small, in achieving desired online visibility. Our ethical car dealership digital marketing strategies would place you on the top of the organic search results. We have a team of more than 60 car dealer SEO experts and experience of more than a decade implementing SEO for car dealers. Our proven car dealer seo techniques provide quick and secured long-term ranking results for our clients.

As a part of car dealership digital marketing, our list of car dealer SEO services include:

  • Car Dealer SEO
  • Car Dealer PPC
  • Car Dealer Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Car Dealership Facebook Ads
  • Car Dealer Website Design and Development
  • Car Dealer Reputation Management
  • Car Dealer Affiliate Marketing

For more information about our car dealer advertising, contact us now and our certified car dealer SEO experts will guide you on how we can grow your car dealership business.

Car Dealership Marketing FAQs

What is Car Dealership Marketing? Why do you need it?

Car dealership marketing service allows you to promote your products online and increase sales.  Hence, car dealership marketing service would allow your clients to find you easily and purchase your products.  Car dealership promotion also allows you to develop your car dealer website’s credibility online, increase trust factor, improve online branding and at the same time be in a position to educate your end clients.  Car dealership promotion allows you to significantly increase your dealership’s visibility in your all important local market.

What activities are there in car dealership promotion?

As a leading car dealer marketing agency, Anuva offers a customized car dealership marketing campaign based on your specific requirements.  Typically a car dealership promotion campaign would include car dealership SEO and car dealer PPC.  Any car dealer online marketing campaign begins with a detailed website audit.  We ensure that your website is ready to convert visitors to leads.  A car dealer SEO campaign begins with a detailed keyword research and detailed competitor analysis for selected keywords.  This is followed by detailed Onpage Optimization including Titles, Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Internal Linking, Google Analytics, Search Engine Sitemap Submissions, Webmaster Tools, etc.   We optimize GMB listing of your business complementary.  Ongoing car dealership SEO campaign activities include detailed ranking analysis, ongoing competitive analysis, strategic link building, detailed Ranking and Traffic Reports, etc.  For car dealer PPC campaigns, the focus is on detailed Keyword Research and ongoing campaign optimization to ensure we get the highest possible ROI at lowest Google/Facebook Ad cost.

Can I do car dealer online marketing on my own or do I need a car dealer marketing agency?

With so much information available on internet, you would be tempted to handle your car dealership ads campaign on your own instead of hiring a competent car dealer marketing agency.  Do understand that some internet reading and understanding of social media would not really cut it in such highly competitive market of car dealer advertising.  Remember, your competitors would have possibly hired a highly ranked car dealer marketing agency for their car dealership marketing management campaigns.  It requires a lot of ongoing effort, study and expertise plus keeping pace with constant Google updates to run a successful car dealer advertising campaign.  Otherwise you are risking significant losses, especially in Google/Facebook fees for any of the car dealership ads campaigns.  We have a team of car dealer SEO experts who are Google Certified with years of experience handling several car dealership marketing campaigns.  We are clear that hiring a highly ranked car dealership marketing agency is the best option for you for the long term.  Else you would risk losing clients/opportunities and losing advertising dollars.

What is car dealer SEO? Why do I need it?

Car dealer SEO is a process by which first page search engine rankings are achieved for keyword searches that are relevant to your business and can bring you the most sales for your products.  Car dealer SEO if handled professionally would ensure that you are found on the first page of Google when a user is looking for the products you offer.  If not, your competitors would occupy the first page in Google and will be rewarded with new business.  A successful car dealer SEO would require a Google Certified team of car dealership SEO experts optimize your website and manage ongoing SEO optimization including link building.

Car dealer SEO is really important for your business.  If your SEO is poor, Google would not rank your website in the first page and you are potentially invisible to your clients.  Remember, nobody goes through 10 pages of Google search results to look for a right product.  In fact, 97% of the users do not even go to the 2nd page of search results.

Can a car dealership advertising campaign help my business?

A car dealership advertising campaign focuses on running ad campaigns in Google and/or Facebook.  The idea is to have our ads show up at the top for the lowest possible cost.  Our Google Certified car dealership ads experts ensure that the cost of ads keeps reducing over time through ongoing campaign optimization.  Our methods developed through years of experience ensure we generate excellent ROI for our car dealership ads campaigns.

A car dealership advertising campaign would start showing results within 7 days of going live with the campaign.  At the same time, there are keyword searches (especially generic keyword searches) which are not feasible to optimize in a car dealer SEO campaign.  Hence car dealers should look to do car dealership ads campaign along with car dealer SEO to capture entire target-able audience.  Also there are times when a car dealer is looking for sales as soon as possible.  In such cases as well a car dealership ads campaign is what we recommend our clients.

How does a Car Dealership Facebook Ads program help?

Everybody spends a lot of time in social media every day and your potential client is no exception.  Most people like to work with firms which are popular online.  Facebook is one of the leading social media platform and there is a good possibility that your client is active.  In a car dealership Facebook ads program, we run highly optimized ad campaigns in Facebook to promote your products.  A car dealership Facebook ads program would help your car dealership improve user engagement and help you build your online community.  The focus of the campaign is to do online branding as well as increase sales.

Does car dealership website design impact sales?

If you are running aggressive car dealership marketing campaigns, it is very important that you have a great car dealership website design that meets current web trends and your audience taste.  When you are spending valuable advertising dollars and bringing your target audience to your car dealership website, it makes perfect sense to have the best car dealership website design.  If not, you are risking losing your potential client and at the same time all the marketing effort of bringing the client to the website would go waste.  This would result in lower ROI in the car dealership marketing campaigns that you are running.  Hence it is important that your car dealership website design is of latest standards and reflects your business accurately.

How much does a car dealership marketing campaign cost?

As a leading provider of car dealership marketing solutions, we are handling campaigns for car dealerships which are single brand as well as multi brand.  We run campaigns of various different sizes.  Hence, the answer to your query is – it depends.  Most car dealer SEO campaigns range from $400 to $750 per month.  We are handling car dealer PPC campaigns starting with an ad budget (Google, Facebook) of $1,000 per month to about $10,000 per month.  Our management fees for the car dealer ppc campaigns start from $300 per month.  We configure our car dealership marketing campaigns as per your budget to ensure you get the most buck out of your advertising dollars.  The focus at all times is on generating top most ROI.

What are some results?

We are a Premier Google Partner with a team of Google Certified Professionals in various different aspects of Google.  Our team of car dealer SEO experts have years of experience achieving top results for firms of all sizes and budgets.  You can check out ranking achievements of few of our select clients at

What do I do next?

Call us at 916-273-9549 or schedule a call at a time convenient to you at our online calendar – to find out how we can help you.

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