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In the field of Law, Trust is God. When the term legal comes into mind, there is a phobia attached with it which can be won over only by trust. And this trust cannot be established without successful legal internet marketing. Nowadays people who are looking for any legal practitioner or legal advisor search on the internet to find them. Therefore, selecting the right legal digital marketing agency is very important for you if your name and brand is not visible on the web.

Anuva, one of the leading legal marketing firms, provides exclusive legal internet marketing services for any legal professional. Just as the work of an attorney is different from that of a solicitor, we also understand that the legal digital marketing strategies for each may require different tactics. Therefore, when you contact us for our legal search engine optimization services, we first understand your requirements and then design a custom legal seo marketing strategy that helps promote your profile online and increase your client base.




Who all can benefit from our Legal Online Marketing Company?

If you are any one of the following then you can achieve a trustworthy reputation and maximum ROI as well as profits by our legal marketing firms’ services.

  • Law Firm
  • Attorney
  • Lawyer
  • Solicitor
  • Advocate
  • Barrister
  • Legal Advisor
  • Any other Legal Practitioner


Legal SEO is an important component of legal advertising. By opting for our legal marketing firms’ services, you can be rest assured that almost everyone looking for services offered by you on the web will be able to see your profile in your geographical and practice areas.

Why choose us as your Legal Online Marketing Company?

Our legal SEO team consists of more than a hundred legal website SEO specialists, having a tremendous experience of successfully handling all types of legal advertising campaigns. Our proven expertise and more than a decade of legal SEO experience will make you a star in your market. We offer exclusively tailored legal SEO services for any legal entity such as law firm SEO, attorney SEO, solicitor SEO, advocate SEO, and lawyer SEO.


Legal PPC is one of the services of legal digital marketing where the focus is on running ad campaigns on various search engine & social media. With experience of more than a decade in legal online marketing be it lawyer PPC or law firm PPC, we are a team of more than 60 legal online marketing professionals.


Legal PPC is a service through which, your advertisement is positioned at the top of the search results in the “sponsored links” section. So, by opting for our legal PPC services you can be rest assured that your practice will flash directly at the top of the search engines, right in front of your target audience when they are searching for your services.


The power of social media is known to all of us. And when we talk about becoming popular and gaining trust, what better platform than a social media site can exist. With the gaining popularity of your practice, the trust mark also rises. And this can optimally be attained by legal social media marketing and legal social media optimization.


It is a known fact that if potential clients do not find what they are looking for on your legal website, they are going to go somewhere else. Therefore, legal web site design services play a very important role in client conversions. The legal web site designer assigned to your project from our legal web site designer team makes sure to understand your expectations and then provides you a professional yet artistic legal website design. Our legal web site development services also take care of the minutest details such as checking if your website speed is good; your website is easily navigable and mobile responsive to all devices.


We know that as a legal practitioner your familiarity to your target audience and reputation is the key to your success. So, if you have a negative reputation or are a fresher in need of building up a professionally acclaimed reputation, then you have come to the right place. Our legal reputation management experts will help you build or rebuild your reputation in such a way that the positive online reputation would help you improve your online branding and also build new client base.

Anuva is the legal seo agency you need for successful legal online marketing for your business. Call now and talk to our legal internet marketing experts. Feel free to ask any queries and don’t forget to go for our FREE WEBSITE SEO AUDIT report.

Legal Marketing FAQs

What is a legal marketing service?

Legal marketing service allows you to increase online presence of your firm and promote your services online.  Hence, legal firm SEO would allow your clients to find you easily and hire your firm.  Legal marketing also allows you to develop your law firm’s credibility online, increase trust factor, improve online branding and at the same time be in a position to educate your end clients.  Legal marketing allows you to significantly increase your law firm’s visibility in your all important local market.

What activities are there in legal online marketing campaign?

As a leading marketing agency for legal firms, Anuva offers a customized legal firm marketing campaign based on your specific requirements.  Typically a legal website marketing campaign would include legal firm SEO and legal PPC.  Any legal marketing service campaign begins with a detailed website audit.  We ensure that your website is ready to convert visitors to leads.  A legal firm SEO campaign begins with a detailed keyword research and detailed competitor analysis for selected keywords.  This is followed by detailed Onpage Optimization including Titles, Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Internal Linking, Google Analytics, Search Engine Sitemap Submissions, Webmaster Tools, etc.   We optimize GMB listing of your business complementary.  Ongoing legal firm SEO campaign activities include detailed ranking analysis, ongoing competitive analysis, strategic link building, detailed Ranking and Traffic Reports, etc.  For legal PPC campaigns, the focus is on detailed Keyword Research and ongoing campaign optimization to ensure we get the highest possible ROI at lowest Google/Facebook Ad cost.

Can I do my own legal marketing or do I need an expert marketing agency for legal firms?

With so much information available on internet, you would be tempted to handle your legal firm SEO on your own instead of hiring a competent legal marketing company.  Do understand that some internet reading and understanding of social media would not really cut it in such highly competitive market of legal firm marketing.  Remember, your competitors would have possibly hired one of the highly ranked marketing agency for legal firms for their legal marketing campaigns.  It requires a lot of ongoing effort, study and expertise plus keeping pace with constant Google updates to run a successful legal firm marketing campaign.  Otherwise you are risking significant losses, especially in Google/Facebook fees for any of the legal ppc campaigns.  We have a team of legal firm SEO experts who are Google Certified with years of experience handling several legal firm marketing campaigns.  We are clear that hiring a legal marketing company is the best option for you for the long term.  Else you would risk losing clients/opportunities and losing advertising dollars.

What is legal firm SEO? Why do I need it?

Legal firm SEO is a process by which first page search engine rankings are achieved for keyword searches that are relevant to your business and can bring you the most clients.  Legal firm SEO if handled professionally would ensure that you are found on the first page of Google when a user is looking for law services that you offer.  If not, your competitors would occupy the first page in Google and will be rewarded with new clients.  A successful legal firm SEO would require a Google Certified team of legal SEO experts optimize your website and manage ongoing SEO optimization including link building.

Legal firm SEO is really important for your business.  If your SEO is poor, Google would not rank your website in the first page and you are potentially invisible to your clients.  Remember, nobody goes through 10 pages of Google search results to look for a right attorney firm for their needs.  In fact, 97% of the users do not even go to the 2nd page of search results.

Can Local SEO for Legal Firms help my business? If yes, How?

Majority of lawyers work in their local geographic market and are looking for clients in their local target area.  Our Local SEO for legal firms program focuses on getting search engine rankings for your target geographic area.  And at the same time we optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing to ensure we achieve top rankings in Google Maps as well.  The local legal marketing program helps you in getting clients from your local area whom you can meet & close the business easily.  The clients are also specifically looking for lawyers in their local area.  They are more comfortable working with lawyers who are close by.  In fact we have found that the local SEO for legal firms program generates the best ROI for your advertising dollars.

Do you work exclusively with our firm?

When we take any legal firm SEO or legal advertising project, we need to ensure that we give 100% justice to the project.  Based on experience, we have a policy of taking only 2 clients per practice area and geographic area.  This ensures we are able to provide the best possible results to our clients without compromising on results and that there are no conflicts of interest.  The search engines provide enough ranking possibilities for organic as well as ads when we stick to our policy.  Yes, we know that several legal marketing companies take any number of clients they get.  So in case we are unable to take up your project due to our policy, do understand that it is make sure we give justice to your investment.  Call us to find out if we can take up your project.

Can legal firm advertising campaign help?

A legal advertising campaign focuses on running ad campaigns in Google and/or Facebook.  The idea is to have our ads show up at the top for the lowest possible cost.  Our Google Certified legal firm SEO experts ensure that the cost of ads keeps reducing over time through ongoing campaign optimization.  Our methods developed through years of experience ensure we generate excellent ROI for our legal ppc campaigns.

A legal advertising campaign would start showing results within 7 days of going live with the campaign.  At the same time, there are keyword searches (especially generic keyword searches) which are not feasible to optimize in a legal firm SEO campaign.  Hence law firms should look to do legal PPC along with legal firm SEO to capture entire target-able audience.  Also there are times when a law firm is looking for leads as soon as possible.  In such cases as well a legal firm ppc campaign is what we recommend our clients.

How much does a legal firm marketing campaign cost?

As a leading legal marketing agency, we are handling campaigns for law firms which have several lawyers as a team and also law firms with a single lawyer.  We run campaigns of various different sizes.  Hence, the answer to your query is – it depends.  Most legal firm SEO campaigns range from $400 to $750 per month.  We are handling legal firm PPC campaigns starting with an ad budget (Google, Facebook) of $1,000 per month to about $10,000 per month.  Our management fees for the legal ppc campaigns start from $300 per month.  We configure our legal marketing campaigns as per your budget to ensure you get the most buck out of your advertising dollars.  The focus at all times is on generating top most ROI.

How long does a legal website marketing campaign take to start showing results?

Most legal PPC advertising campaigns start showing results within 7 days of going live with the campaign.  A legal firm SEO campaign would start showing results within 60 to 90 days of launch.  However, you can expect best results in a legal firm SEO campaign after 6 months.  All of these timelines can vary some percentage based on the competition, history of your website, etc. as Google looks at hundreds of factors for top rankings.

What is a good ROI on legal digital marketing?

A typical legal firm marketing campaign would cost around 7-20% of revenue.  This is an acceptable marketing spend in the industry.  At the same time our Google Certified legal firm SEO experts would work to ensure we keep reducing the ad cost through ongoing optimization to ensure we are close to the lower end of the marketing cost as much as possible.  Do understand that the costing does not include repeat business you get from the clients and also referrals.  In most cases once you include life time value of a client & their referrals, the marketing spend turns out much lower.  Hence, your actual ROI is much higher for each client you capture.  Legal marketing is one of the cheapest way to promote your business and capture lifetime clients.

How do legal social media marketing program help my firm?

Everybody spends a lot of time in social media every day and your potential client is no exception.  Most people like to work with firms which are popular online.  Legal social media marketing program would help your law firm improve user engagement and help you build your online community.  A post on Facebook or Twitter can help you engage and interact with your potential client and at the same time educate your client about happenings/updates in your industry.  When you do this, it improves your online branding and builds trust.  This would lead to more traffic to your website and more conversions.

What is legal reputation management?

Majority of lawyers currently get new clients from internet.  Hence it is important that you have a positive online reputation.  More than 90% of online users statistically have not chosen a firm who has a negative online reputation.  Legal reputation management is a program to reduce or eliminate the impact of negative articles, posts, reviews, content, etc. and enhance positive online reputation for your law firm.  This is done strategically by promoting positive articles, posts, etc. and at the same time suppressing negative pages in the search results.  Since most people do not go beyond the first couple of pages of search results when looking for a law firm, the idea is to push the negative pages way behind in search and away from the users’ eyeballs.  The end result is a positive online reputation and an increase in sales.

Do you work with firms of all sizes for legal SEO?

We work with firms of all sizes for legal firm SEO.  We have worked with firms which are single lawyer firms as well as firms with multiple lawyers.  Based on your budget and specific requirements, we provide custom campaign options – typically a mix of legal firm SEO and legal firm PPC – to deliver the best possible ROI for the budget.  We can take up projects with budgets starting from as low as $400 per month.

What are some results?

We are a Premier Google Partner with a team of Google Certified Professionals in various different aspects of Google.  Our team of legal firm SEO experts have years of experience achieving top results for firms of all sizes and budgets.  You can check out ranking achievements of few of our select clients at

What do I do next?

Call us at 916-273-9549 or schedule a call at a time convenient to you at our online calendar – to find out how we can help you.

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We are more than satisfied with Anuva's Search Engine Optimization services. They have developed and upgraded our website and promoted the business very efficiently. Kudos! Keep it up! We have emerged as a reputed large scale organization and...
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