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SEO techniques do not merely include stuffing websites with keywords found out by looking at charts or graphs. Understanding the business of the client is crucial if you want the website to climb the rankings chart and more importantly attract only the target audience that will convert repeated visits into business. This post will explain the importance of proper business understanding before you start keyword research.

Consider all Keywords related to that business

Your client might have years of experience under their belt and might refer to their business products and services in a certain manner or lingo. However, interested visitors that might want to seek out such sites could have a different set of keywords in their minds. If those keywords as well as key phrases are missing from your website then most search engines will not include them in their results or provide a lowly ranking.

Check the Potential of each keyword

What you need to do is to first listen to your client and gather all vital keywords used by them before checking their ratings by using the SERP or Search Engine Rating Pages feature. Next, conduct a separate research into how the target audience searches for those same websites. You can even ask or pay novices to type in their search words to get a feel of the range of keywords used by them.

Consider various types of keywords including misspellings too

Do not make the mistake of ignoring long-tailed keywords, potential keywords, spelling mistakes, synonyms and low-competition keywords that can expand your range of vital words that can be included in the content of the website as well as increase online presence. You just might be surprised at the results that you get when you include these keywords and phrases.

Do not under-estimate the power of localized keywords

If your client has a global presence or wishes to establish one then understanding the keywords used in different countries will also help in reaching out to newer markets. This move will also please potential clients that will applaud the pains taken to reach out towards them while rewarding you with a rich new vocabulary that can be sprinkled over several pages for optimum results.

Keywords do play a key role in attracting not only search engines, but targeted traffic as well. If you want your website or those of your clients to reach out to the virtual world, end up with high rankings and garner additional business, then proper business understanding is a factor that can only be ignored at your own peril. Our next post will discuss ways to improve your SEO campaign with local or targeted keywords.

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