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Mobile marketing has passed the phase when it was a trial and error process. Today with the proliferation of mobiles in our everyday life Google deems it necessary to educate and train marketers so that they are able to deliver on Mobile’s promise.

A business has to answer a few crucial questions when devising a mobile strategy. Keeping in view of the complexities involved in mobile marketing, Google has released its second edition of Mobile Playbook which it hopes will serve as a guide to marketers in this age of constant connectivity. According to Google the businesses that appreciate ‘always on’ internet connectivity will make it big.

Here are five tips that Google feels will stand marketers in good stead:

  • Google insists that businesses should focus on value proposition to meet the mobile specific needs of its users.
  • A desktop-lite version for mobiles is not going to help. Businesses need to lay emphasis on mobile-first and design and develop websites.
  • Mobile accountability should be the most important functions of a business entity.
  • Focus on improving ROI and brand image with mobile marketing strategies.
  • Integration of mobile into multi-screen marketing is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Mobiles offer tremendous opportunities and companies/businesses that understand this concept and appreciate how users seek out solutions via mobiles will be successful. According to Google tailored messages delivered via mobiles is one such strategy that can make a difference. Mobiles give you a chance to convert customers even if their search began on desktops or tablets. For example a customer will convert easily when he/she is able to follow directions to the store given via mobile application. It does not matter if the customer first researched the product or service on a desktop or a tablet. Pulling the customer to your store via a specific app will make all the difference. In the same way a shopping process can start on mobile and eventually end on a desktop or a tablet. Either ways, mobile strategies cannot be circumvented.

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