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While the old Google Keyword Tool was quite helpful, the new Google Keyword Planner offers a lot more exhaustive features. If you want to learn about just how many users in your city or different cities are searching for your products or services then the new AdWords Keyword Planner can help you understand and fine-tune your local SEO keyword research with ease.

In addition to using various services provided by the Keyword Planner, you can also try to use tools such as the Keyword Research Tool from Local Marketing Source and the Category Tool from Mike Blumenthal. Using Google Analytics to look at keywords that are currently drawing high quality traffic to your site will further help you to improve your strategy.

Once you open your Google Account then you can begin using the Keyword Planner by clicking on the “Tools and Analysis” section. Next, you need to click on the first sub-section that displays “Search for Keyword and ad group ideas”. You can feed in all possible variants that are related to your business and your local areas.

In addition, you can also feed in researched keywords that you may have collected in your initial research. One important tip to remember is to use the “Remove” option next to your mentioned country since keeping it will include data from that whole country, which in turn will provide inaccurate results.

You will anyway be provided the option of adding cities for your local keyword research. There will naturally be more searches for larger cities as well as cities that have a larger number of devices being used for searches. In addition to specific cities, Google also offers the option of “Surrounding Areas” to include areas around the chosen cities. You can add surrounding countries, cities, or regions to expand your search as per your specific needs.

Next, you need to click on “Get Ideas” button to view the results of your efforts. You must click on the “Keywords Idea” tab if you want to look at exact keywords that you had entered. Google will also display other relevant keywords that it believes may help you out.

These results can certainly help your campaign in several ways. For instance, you will have accurate information on searches for your business or that of your client in a selected area. You can also focus your campaign on cities that provide high volume figures. These results can also help you create improved strategies in terms of content marketing. You can now use long tail searches to reach out to may more potential customers.

The above tips will uncover a lot of previously-hidden data once you use the new AdWords Keyword Planner Tool from Google. Use it and fine-tune your local SEO keyword research for an improved campaign.

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