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Analytics is one area in web marketing that does not get the attention it deserves, even by those that pay attention to their website statistics. More often than not users allow default settings and look at what is in front of them rather than pay attention to something like Custom Reporting.

Google Analytics has introduced certain changes that allow for a more accurate use of your metrics and toolset. Your data is more meaningful and gives you interesting insights with these changes.

Google Tag Manager

With this tool you no longer have to depend on your web developer or IT department to effect changes to your site. This tool gives you the power to change and organize your Google tracking tags in one set of JavaScript code. Your developer or IT department has to just put one piece of code in your site and from there on you can manage and create new tags. These changes are available only in Google Analytics, but very soon AdWords will follow.

Custom Dashboards

To be very frank Google analytics is complicated and many people are overawed by the sheer number of reports. They just don’t know what to look at. You just need a few changes in the interface to make the dashboard more meaningful. The dashboards were always customizable; however, the process has been further simplified with the layout easy to understand.

In-Page Analytics

Earlier if you had two links on a page and both led to the same page you were never sure which link got more clicks. In-page analytics gave percentages; however, with enhanced link attribution you can now see a wealth of information. You get precise numbers about individual links on pages and can determine how the links are performing. All you have to do is go to Admin, property settings, and check Enhanced link attribution and you are done.

Google Analytics – Change history

Earlier you had to go to Change History in Google AdWords to know the changes done in your account and match dates with those that made the changes to understand where your PPC dollars were spent. Google is now planning to introduce Change History feature in Analytics. At present only 30% sites have this facility, but in the coming months all sites will have this.

Webmaster Tools data and Google Analytics tied together

This feature has been around for some time, however you had to log into each account and check if the two are tied together. But with the new system if your Google Webmaster Tools Account is set up and verified tying Analytics to your account is a breeze, just thirty seconds and you are ready to go.

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