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For years, it seemed that Google was fighting a losing battle with sites that promoted pure spam. While Google specifically stated that it would punish sites that bought links, stuffed copied or spun content in their sites, or engaged in blatant linking schemes, in reality it did not have the right search algorithm in place to catch and punish the culprits.

As a result webmasters and SEOs that used black hat techniques got away with their tactics and achieved good rankings. However, Google seems to have figured a way of beating those that had beaten the system. The company has started penalizing pure spam sites and has even displayed a page showing actual examples of what they consider as pure spam before punishing them with de-indexing.

Here are some examples of sites that have been identified as pure spam by Google. One mentioned site is This website seems to display various household products, but in reality is only an affiliate that is trying to lead visitors to sites such as Amazon and eBay. Furthermore, the site has content that is blatantly copied from Yahoo Answers and has also engaged in keyword stuffing.

Another website classified as pure spam by Google is This website basically sells illegal copies of various movies and the descriptive content on the page is inserted using spinning software that completely changes the words and meaning of most sentences. Even though the displayed content is in English, the site uses Spanish as its language setting while also using the same language for navigation.

Another website using spun content as well as content copied straight off Facebook is Most of the sentences on this site do not make sense at all and the site also tries to display images that are broken.

Yet another innocent-looking site that contains senseless spun content along with aggressive ads and footer links is The website tries to cleverly insert spun content in its pages, but Google’s updated algorithms now seem to catch such acts in a far better manner.

One more website flagged as pure spam is This website along with other similar sites uses repetitive content as well as display huge amount of numbers in a bid to achieve rankings by way of queries based on those numbers. Google has punished this site and many others that seem to follow the same tactic.

Google has sent out a clear message of what they now regard as pure spam. Webmasters and SEOs need to ensure that their sites only contain fresh and related content that is not copied or spun. They also need to avoid paid links or links with dubious sites since they may receive the Unnatural Links warning if they fail to do so.

Google seems to have finally figured out a way to act on pure spam and their efforts have ensured the removal of several sites that had engaged in spammy activities.

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