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Google has received 17,191 URL removal requests from Microsoft as of July 31, 2013 that translates to around 137 requests per week as per the Google Transparency Report. Microsoft has requested Google to remove over 13,843,000 URLs since July 2011 with regard to copyright infringement, which means that Google is being flooded with over 26,600 URL takedown requests from Microsoft alone each day.

It seems that Microsoft has begun bombarding Google with takedown requests with renewed zest from the past two years since in 2011 the company had made hardly around 50,000 URL removal requests per week that peaked to 88,000 during the week of November 14, 2011. However, by 2012, Microsoft began flooding Google with over 100,000 URL removal requests each week that peaked to 262,000 in the week of August 13, 2012.

By 2013, Microsoft had raised those URL takedown requests to over 200,000 per week that peaked to 372,000 in the week of February 25, 2013. However, in its eagerness to bombard Google with takedown requests, Microsoft mistakenly requested Google to remove 6 links to its own website that were in fact, legitimate links.

Microsoft has indicated sites that have been troubling the giant the most with copyright infringements. These include with 243,000 links, with 172,000 links and with 128,000 links, among others. Microsoft has actually hired around 23 companies to keep an eagle eye on copyright infringements related to its firm.

However, Microsoft is not the biggest complainant of copyright infringements since recording associations such as BPI and the RIAA as well as adult content provider Froytal Services have sent in more removal requests. Google has already removed millions of URLs due to copyright infringements in 2013 and their report indicates a huge jump at the start of the year that has only increased in the coming months.

In July 2012, Google had received 517,313 URL removal requests that have jumped to over 3,555,200 in July of 2013.

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