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Google has announced improved AdWords for video reports that offer three additional measurement options along with detailed reports that are more consistent with different media. All these features also sport a beautiful new look.

AdWords for video’s improved interface now offers reach and frequency metrics that display the number of unique visitors along with the number of times those visitors have seen those ads. This feature will help you compare your campaign with other media including TV. You can use this feature by clicking first on Columns and then clicking on Customize Columns. You will be able to view the metrics within the Performance section.

Google has also introduced the Column Sets feature that will help you to group relevant metrics based on your marketing goals. Brief examples of the different columns are given below…


This column will help you monitor the number of views of your video ad and monitor audience engagement. You will be able to observe unique viewers, average viewing frequency by those viewers, and average impression frequency.


This feature will help you track web-traffic growth and conversions for YouTube viewers that watched and reacted to your video ads.


This feature will allow you to view and measure how your video ads have resulted in building brand awareness.

Website Traffic and Conversions

You will be able to observe and track website traffic, number of viewers that turned into conversions, conversion rates of those viewers, and conversion costs.

Another cool feature provided by Google AdWords for videos is the ability to view visitors that view your ad, by way of a map. This color-coded and interactive map can be further explored to view regions and states from where your audience arrived to view your ads. This feature will certainly help you gain more knowledge about specific markets and further improve your video ad campaign.

Google’s new AdWords for video reports should help you compare your campaigns across various platforms, view several new metrics, and get a deeper understanding of your advertising strategy.

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