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Google had introduced its Voice Search feature in 29 languages to help Android users to quickly find their chosen places, products, or any other information stored within Google. Google has now introduced 13 more languages to make this feature much more popular throughout the globe.

The 13 new languages introduced in Voice Search are Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, European Portuguese, Finnish, Galician, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, and Swedish. You can now search for different hotels or boutiques in London if you wish by simply speaking into your Android-enabled phone. Google predicts that over a hundred million new users will be able to use Voice Search with the addition of these 13 new languages.

Google has utilized the services of several scientists and engineers to create a unique speech recognition system that understands different languages, dialects, and pronunciations. Native speakers were recruited to speak into those systems until each word was properly recognized. Some languages like Swedish did pose a lot of challenges for the Google team thanks to diverse pronunciations in the language.

In case your phone uses Android ver 2.2 or later versions then you should be able to view an icon of a microphone on the home-screen of your Google Search widget by next week. Tapping on the icon will allow you to begin using the Voice Search in all 42 languages including the 13 new ones. However, you should remember to only use one language at a time and you might require changing the language settings to use the newly added languages. Alternatively, you can also install the Voice Search app from Google Play.

Google has also stated that being a cloud-based app, Voice Search will continue improving the accuracy of its results as increasing number of people start using this convenient app. Beginning next week, get ready to ask your Android phone to lead you to many more exciting places in several new languages when you use the Google Voice Search app.

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