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Google has added a new feature “Search Appearance” that pops up in its Webmaster Tools as well as revamped navigation in order to provide a better user experience, especially to new webmasters.

The new Search Appearance pop up will enable webmasters to get a visual display on just how their website will look on the search results page. If you are a Webmaster, you will also be able to understand on structure or content modifications, which could impact different features.

The navigation system within Webmaster Tools has also been totally updated and is now based on different search stages. For instance, in the Crawl Section, webmasters will be able to view the way Google crawls content as well as look at crawl statistics, errors, URL parameters, URLs blocked while crawling, Sitemaps, etc.

The Google Index Section will allow webmasters to get the Index Status, i.e. look at index counts and view Content Keywords that indicates keywords found on web-pages by Google. You can also look at Search Queries and Links to your Site that show the way visitors locate your site and recommend it to others.

The Search Appearance feature will additionally mark up your web-pages and help Google index your content in an improved manner. Google has also made improvements to the Structured Data dashboard, HTML, Sitelinks, and Data Highlighter.

A Gear Icon displayed on the top-right side of every profile will make it easier for you to view and change various administrative functions. These include website settings, user permission settings, and address change settings. Site owners will be able to view various options including “Full” and “Restricted” options along with sub-options based on clearance levels.

Google’s new navigation and Search Appearance feature should help you to use Webmaster Tools with much more ease and extract the most out of each updated and new feature.

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