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Google has made several improvements that can help you improve your campaign. These improvements will help you monitor your campaign more minutely and make appropriate changes to maximize your ROI within a shorter period of time.

One new change that is sure to be welcomed by all AdWords users is the addition of the Keyword column in their search term reports section. This column displays the exact keyword that was identical to a visitor’s query and that was instrumental in displaying your ad.

You can now analyze the keyword in great detail and also compare it to the search query. Based on this analysis, you can then make changes to your keywords, change your bids and your ads, insert negatives to your campaigns, and even change your landing pages for an optimized campaign.

You will need to open the search terms report, click on “Columns” for the drop-down menu, and click on “Customize Columns”. Next, you will need to click on “Attributes” before finally clicking on “Add” to complete the process.

Another improvement that Google will release in the coming weeks is a Campaign Diagnostic tool in AdWords that will check for errors and conflicts in your campaign. For instance, including a negative keyword that conflicts with other keywords will result in an alert that will help you remove the offending keyword. Google will collect feedback to improve this feature in the future.

Google has already made several improvements to help you save time, money, and effort, which in turn will improve your campaign in a far better manner than before. For instance you can share budgets in a common AdWords account across several campaigns. In addition, you can change words or change your bids across all your ads with a single click.

Google has also added new filters, rules, and charts to improve reports. The specific search and display columns can help you monitor impression share data. Other additions such as “Hour of Day” helps you analyze your campaign by the hour, which in turn will assist you to further optimize your campaign and lower your costs.

Google has also included Automated Rules in AdWords that can be activated based on your specifications. This includes sending e-mail alerts or any other action specified in this feature that will get automatically activated when the specified changes take place in your account.

If you are comfortable with Javascript, then you can further customize reporting and integrate your account with other Google features with ease. You can transfer vital data in a customized dashboard, modify bids and keywords as per your inventory data, and update your ads on a real-time basis based on data retrieved from your pricing database.

Google has worked hard to make several improvements to their AdWords interface and added new features too. You should take full advantage of these improvements to monitor your campaign much more closely and make quick changes to improve your campaign and your ROI.

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