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Google plans to launch an upgrade that improves features in Adwords in the form of their Enhanced CPC and Conversion Optimizer.

The Enhanced CPC or ECPC allows you to set a maximum CPC (Cost Per Click) bid and increases or decreases your bid after determining the chances that your ad might have in producing a conversion. The ECPC changes 50 percent of the traffic and later increases or decreases the percentage depending on the performance.

On the other hand, the Conversion Optimizer automatically decides the ideal CPC (Cost Per Click) bid and then raises CPC bids for clicks it perceives as more valuable while decreasing the same for those that it perceives as being less valuable. The Conversion Optimizer changes 100 percent of the traffic.

At present, whether you use ECPC or Conversion Optimizer, your conversion rate would have normally risen by 5 percent if you change the Changing your Ad Rotation feature to “Optimize for Conversions” from “Optimize for Clicks”. Google plans to offer upgraded features in these tools when it launches an update on November 12, 2012.

The changes in both ECPC and Conversion Optimizer include a default setting to “Optimize for Conversions” in the ad rotation setting. You will be given an option to change the setting, but the default setting will be “Optimize for Conversions” since these settings displays ads with higher conversions a lot more often.

If you have set your ECPC or Conversion Optimizer campaign to “Optimize for Clicks” then this setting will automatically change to “Optimize for Conversions” when the update is launched. However, if you wish to retain the Clicks setting as default then Google has provided an online form that need to be submitted to the company by November 9, 2012.

In your “Optimize for Clicks” campaign, if ads within an ad group remain unchanged for 90 days, then Google’s “Rotate Evenly” feature will now get activated automatically in the new update. This feature will get activated whether you use ECPC or Conversion Optimizer, and will automatically switch to “Optimize to Conversions” after 90 days in case of no change in ads within an ad group.

You will be able to change your settings after the upgrade, but should make note of the changed default settings after November 12, 2012. These features will help shorten the time needed to optimize your bids manually as well as help boost conversions.

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