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Google has taken several steps to protect ads on its mobile networks. These steps complement the company’s attempts at preventing invalid activities on its AdSense network. Given below are a few steps taken by the company to protect advertisers and ads on its mobile ad network. Google has utilized several protection systems used for desktops to protect mobile ads after suitable modification. Automatic rejection of invalid traffic on a real-time basis, refunds based on such traffic, and thorough investigation of all claims are some of the systems adopted by the company to protect ads.

However, mobile devices possess different features such as touch screens, use apps differently, and are generally portable devices that need matching adaption by Google to match each platform. For instance, considering the small screen size of a mobile phone, there are bound to be mistakes when clicking intentionally on ads whilst using the touch screen.

Google has curtailed the occurrence of clicks made by mistake on its mobile ad formats by way of specifying ads and content. Additionally, users will have to click again for text mobile ads in case they click at a corner of an ad by mistake.

Google has also raised the minimum time limit for refreshing AdMob to 30 seconds since the company observed that quicker refreshes had lowered advertiser values and provided a poor experience to its users. This move has improved user experience, raised traffic quality for those refreshed ads by 26 percent, and boosted the fill rates of publishers in a highly noticeable manner.

In addition, Google’s Ads SDK possesses several features while protecting ads in mobile apps. Thanks to the SDK, publishers are now able to utilize various formats, advertisers are able to decide on apps that they wish to advertise on, and the Google team is able to analyze displayed ads and ensure that they are used in the intended manner.

Google has also fine-tuned detection algorithms to keep step with a wide range of the latest mobile devices, platforms, and implementations that enter the market each day. These monitoring and evaluation methods have resulted in a rise of 12 percent in mobile ad traffic since 2011. In the current year, the company has also disabled mobile publishers that did not comply with their guidelines and given back millions of dollars that also included Google’s share to those affected advertisers.

Google has also enabled publishers to deliver excellent user experience for visitors and advertisers by way of its AdMob Publisher Best Practices Guide. Publishers can now enjoy improved performance on a long term basis while not getting bogged down by invalid activity issues.

Advertisers and visitors can face fewer problems and enjoy a better experience thanks to Google’s efforts in keeping ads safe on its Mobile Ad Network.

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