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Google has studied mobile and tablet usage during National Holidays to find out if there was any difference in user activity such as in searches and ad clicks. The results were quite surprising and in fact offer an opportunity to increase your business if you market your products or services on the internet.

Google noticed a definite surge in smartphone search activity and an even higher surge in tablets doing the same. In addition, their study also uncovered a high increase in mobile ad clicks that indicated that people did actually shop a lot more on such holidays.

For instance, when Google extracted data on searches from mobiles and tablets on Labor Day in 2012, they discovered that there was a 7% rise in smartphone searches and an impressive 25% rise in tablet searches on that Monday when compared to any other regular Monday. Even more interesting was that there was a 9% rise in ad clicks from smartphones and a heady 39% rise in ad clicks from tablets on Labor Day.

In addition, there was a huge spike in ad clicks when compared to clicks from other average days before and after Labor Day. Similarly, other holidays such as Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday too indicated a steep rise in mobile and tablet searches. In fact, ad clicks went up over 100% from tablets during Black Friday and remained on a high in the following days too.

Google’s studies indicate that more people like to not only search for products to buy during the holidays, but in fact also end up buying them. This behavior of shoppers that increasingly shop through mobiles and tablets actually offers an excellent chance for you to capture your share of the market on upcoming holidays.

You should take a few steps to ensure that mobile and tablet users end up at your website during the holidays and make purchases. You can begin by increasing your marketing budget during upcoming holidays to cast a wider net over the internet. You can launch new ad campaigns, new ad text, and offer special holiday promotions to ensure that you catch the attention of your target audience.

You also need to spread out your ad budget to make sure that it is good for an entire day since shoppers can log on at any time of that day. You should additionally include terms and keywords related to the upcoming holiday to optimize your computer and mobile devices ad campaign so as to reach out towards all users across different platforms.

You must study results of your campaign performance by specific devices to find out how mobile and tablet users relate with your website, and adjust your ad campaign to match their requirements.

The holidays do offer a proven opportunity to tap new customers and boost sales from visitors that arrive through mobile phones and tablets. Google’s studies can reward you handsomely if you take a few steps to optimize your marketing campaign and ensure increased presence in the online market.

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