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Google has focused a lot on speed in the past and even ranks your website speed during search results. The company helps webmasters and site owners know about the page-load speed with the help of Page Speed reports and other tools.

During 2012, Google conducted a study on internet speed that focused on 3 main factors related to speed such as page load times, event execution speed, and time taken by browsers to execute a downloaded page along with all elements. While combined data was chosen for this study, it was also split by country as well as by devices such as mobile, desktop, etc.

Google has again conducted the study in 2013 and comparing the findings of both studies reveals a faster internet experience. Google has determined that due to improved technology, servers have attained more speed and power than before. The processing speeds of various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones along with the addition of LTE/4G towers has also boosted speed figures.

On the other hand there has been an average increase of 56 percent in web-page size as compared to the previous year. Even then, Google’s findings show that while webpage loading times for desktops have fallen marginally, the same for mobiles has reduced by 30 percent. Most countries represented in the study have witnessed faster loading times for webpages on mobiles.

For webmasters, Google has provided helpful documentation that explains the importance of web speeds to webmasters and website owners as well as its impact. Google has also clarified that bounce rates are not impacted by site speed, a topic which had resulted in a lot of confusion in the past.

You should try out Google’s PageSpeed Insights as well as other tools to make sure that your website is up to speed with Google’s requirements and provides a pleasurable user experience.

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