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All you need to know about Google Surveys 360 and Google Surveys (or)

Google Consumer Surveys splits into two — Google Surveys 360 and Google Surveys (or)

Google Surveys 360 — Latest Addition in Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google happily announced two new additions in its four-year old Google Consumer Surveys Tool. The Google Consumer Surveys was created in 2012, with the goal to help all the marketers and businesses make more informed decisions, comprehend various marketing impacts and create brand names. The tool is now splitting into two — Google Surveys 360 and Google Surveys.

Google Survey 360

Google Surveys 360 is specifically designed for enterprise marketers. It is integrated into the Google Analytics 360 Suite. The tool is designed for the users to illuminate advanced audience targeting, devoted support and combined billing. This tool provides a completely integrated set of data and marketing analytics products required to compete in today’s multi-screen and hyper-speed world for big organizations. Currently it is available in only two countries, USA and Canada.

A few Key Features of Google Survey 360:

  • TV Ad Recall: Google Survey 360 has the facility to ask questions about TV ad recall during and after broadcast and then follow up with questions on topics like purpose and preference.
  • Audience: Google Survey 360 has more than 10 million respondents and 1 million surveys performed every week.
  • Speed: Unlike other survey tools which take months, Google Survey 360 makes it easy for any organization to create a survey, find a specific audience sample, and generate statistically significant results in just a few days.
  • Audience Targeting: Google Survey 360 encompasses customized audience targeting such as user list targeting, zip code targeting, business specific targeting and industry based targeting.

A few Lay-backs of Google Surveys 360:

  • Cost: Google Survey 360 being a part of Google Analytics 360 Suite and targeted to be used by huge organizations, it certainly isn’t pocket friendly for small and mediocre businesses. The prices roughly start from $150,000 / year.
  • No Target Personas: Google Surveys 360 does not have the ability to create target personas and so behavioral data and active survey responses cannot be known.

Google Surveys

The other addition of Google Consumer Surveys is Google Surveys which is a part of Google Analytics, a pay-as-you-go product so that anyone can use it. Without complicating it, one can say that Google Consumer Surveys have been now renamed as Google Surveys. The tool is designed for the users to get quick, informed and reliable opinions from consumers across on internet.

Although Google Surveys has fewer advanced targeting features, Google promises to upgrade its design and features in the near future.

As of now it gives businesses an opportunity to conduct surveys among relevant sample of users on the web and on their mobile app, Google Opinion Rewards. Google Surveys is currently available in 12 Countries — USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

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