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Google Trends is an excellent multi-purpose tool for SEO. You should seriously consider it for your online marketing campaign due to its various features that can help attract more traffic and create more links.

Given below are some useful features of this tool that can be used for effective SEO. Google Trends provides 4 important parameters that can be set by you based on your specific needs. The first is Web Search that allows for searches for Image, News, Product, and YouTube.

The next is Worldwide, which actually allows you to search by country. The third is 2004 to Present, which allows you to search by way of days or years or other specific time periods. The fourth is All Categories that include categories such as Autos and Vehicles, Business and Industrial, Finance, etc.

You can compare different search terms or groups up to five at a time with a maximum of 25 search-terms for each grouping. You can use the Plus sign (+) between different search terms to include those terms in a grouping. Google also provides daily lists of top searches in Google Trends in the Top Charts and Hot Searches section.

While Google Trends will show keywords that have been used by users, it will not display numbers and you can use other tools such as the Google Keyword Planner to get numbers as well as compare them with other keywords. You must engage in competitive analysis to extract the best data from product searches.

Google Trends also allows you to engage in region-wise searches. This geo-targeting feature can enable you to look at regions that evoke the most interest in your products or services. If you are engaged in local SEO or want to focus on different geographical locations then this feature can be of great help.

One new craze in SEO is newsjacking and the Hot Searches feature in Google Trends can help identify trending topics. You can select a hot topic and blog on it as well as Tweet it by utilizing the hashtag feature while making sure to avoid tragic topics.

You should also use the Top Charts feature to look for terms that hold potential for increased interest. You can then produce content for those terms so as to provide it to people that are interested in knowing more about it. In addition to providing fresh and related content, you will also be able to build links over time.

Your Google Trends search efforts should certainly include video searches on YouTube. Searches for online videos on sites such as YouTube have exploded in recent past and you can find upcoming trends that can be exploited for your business or ideas that can be capitalized to create a niche.

There are several useful features in Google Trends that can be used for SEO. If you have not yet used this multi-purpose tool to identify potential markets that can deliver traffic as well as links then now is the time to try it out.

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