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Infographics provide an excellent option to catch the eyes of your target audience as well as attract major search engines. If you wish to use this strategy to increase footfalls and conversions to your website, then here are a few helpful tips to create and publish stunning infographics.

You need to firstly seek out an experienced and ethical infographic team that explains the concept and advantages of using this strategy in a clear and simple manner. Based on your needs and your budget, the team might offer varying levels of services such as conceptualizing the infographics based on different ideas, research and data collection, design and creation, social promotion and blogger outreach.

Once your chosen team has delivered an infographic that delivers the desired textual message along with stunning graphics then you will need to display the infographic on your website. You can ask your team to create two infographics at a time with different content and ensure that they feature on your resources section as well as your blog.

These two sections will be crawled by major search engines and boost rankings in addition to catching the eyes of new visitors and customers alike. The design of your infographic is also very important since it needs to convey your intended message in an informative and eye-catching way.

You can begin the inforgraphic with a brief explanation along with highlights to keep the reader interested enough to carry on viewing. You will also need to include Share buttons with counts to encourage visitors to share your infographic with others, especially through social networking sites. The Share Count feature will help you measure the performance of your campaign.

The graphic section of your infographic should grab eyeballs in a pleasing-yet-stunning way. Make sure that your company or product logo is displayed prominently and refrain from going too aggressive on the entire infographic. A subtle call to action can be included to ensure that your campaign has the desired effect.

You can also insert the HTML code box on the bottom of your infographic. Your team should be instructed to ensure that this feature is enabled along with a back link to your website irrespective of whether your website is based on WordPress or any other platform. You should also make sure that your infographic is repeated in text form below your actual infographic since this feature will attract major search engine bots and provide improved rankings.

You should also note that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually the best days to publish your infographic. You can co-ordinate with your infographic team and your advertising or PR team or firm, if any, to ensure that your infographic is released at an opportune time in tandem with any mentioned offers or events.

Your infographic needs to be changed or updated once a week or within a fortnight before your visitors get bored. You can tie up with foreign publishers that can ensure continuous publication of your infographics on a long-term basis.

You need to remain in the loop with your infographics team as well as various publishers and blog sites to ensure that your strategy has the desired effect. You can source high-quality links from several reputable websites for free or for a fee. In addition, sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon can help get additional exposure as well as traffic to your website as well as links from other bloggers at a reasonable rate.

These helpful tips should help you gain sufficient knowledge in handling your infographics team as well as ensure a successful campaign with ease.

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