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Most brands have realized the importance of creating and marketing content on the World Wide Web. Such brands have begun publishing content in the form of news releases, blogs, newsletters, and news articles on a daily, weekly, or fortnightly basis. The content is usually published within the brand’s own website or publication.

Brands need to get the attention of major search engine bots, enhance their online presence and business reputation, encourage sharing of their published content, and ultimately reap the benefits of greater authority and increased sales. Previously, brands used to merely rely on press releases to catch the attention of journalists. However, most brands have become a lot more pro-active by hiring their own staff to create high-quality content and reach out to their target audience directly instead of outsourcing this process to other firms.

A very high majority of people now use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and several similar sites to not only get the latest news and information, but also share the same with others. However, experts handling large and small brands agree that it is the quality of content rather than quantity that can attract more viewers and have a higher chance of being read and shared. On the other hand, the volume of content being put out on the internet does depend on the specific business, products, and content marketing strategy.

However, evergreen content can always be re-published in a new way since such content can keep on serving its purpose. The length of the content is also immaterial and depends on the topic. Of course, viewers should be able to share all published content with ease. Authors penning the content must also be given due credit. For Twitter content, it is important to ensure that widgets can be shared easily by way of proper programming. Good content has the ability to move from internal publications to a wider audience by way of effective sharing.

Brands also need to create a long-term and short-term content creation and marketing strategy. The long-term strategy must include new articles and blogs that are in tune with the industry. This strategy can be planned months in advance so as to push out well-penned content at regular intervals.

The short-term strategy can involve publishing content such as important technological advances or breaking news, based on the needs of that brand. Such content will need to be created and uploaded at very short notice and brands need to allocate a specific team to do the same on a full-time basis.

Brands must also analyze their collected data to find out the best time during the day or night to publish their content. Such posts have the best potential to get more views and get shared too. In addition to good writers, brands also require good editors as well as writers that possess SEO knowledge in order to ensure high-quality content. Writers need to be briefed in detail as to what is expected in their content while the editor can take the final call on whether the content is ready to be published.

Brands, however large or small can no longer afford to ignore the importance of reaching out to a wider audience through eye-catching content. However, brands that want their content to be viewed and shared with increased frequency need to pay heed to the above content as well as adapt to changing conditions to continue boosting their online presence and ultimately, sales.

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