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If you thought that various factors connected to Google such as Android, Google+, Chrome, etc., are responsible in changing your ROI, especially your holiday ROI then you are missing out on some very important factors. Google has been quietly making several changes not only to its search algorithms, but also in other areas that could severely impact your holiday traffic and conversions in the future.

One visible and disturbing change that has already been implemented by Google is providing much more real estate to Product Listing Ads or PLAs. With PLAs occupying more space on the screen, text ads may face problems maintaining click throughs and conversions as viewers get more bedazzled by PLAs. You will need to pay more attention to paid search in coming times.

In addition, you will also need to pay close attention to your AdWords Enhanced Campaigns especially since you will now need to reach out to multiple devices such as tablets and mobiles in addition to desktops and laptops. You need to predict your ROI that you may get in future from mobile channels, especially for an upcoming holiday campaign to make sure that it turns out to be a profitable strategy.

Google’s changing algorithms such as Panda and Penguin have been directed towards providing improved organic search results. However, along with other changes such as those related to PLAs, Google has ensured that organic results have been pushed down, which in turn will make it even more difficult to display your business, brand, and products from mere SEO. You will certainly need to explore other aspects such as content marketing to jump up or even retain your rankings in coming days.

However, Google does provide a lot more information in its SERPs than ever before. As a business, you can now display promotions, contact numbers, information related to store locations and inventory, and much more. You can definitely grab this chance to boost your online presence and showcase your products/services provided you are ready to put in more time and effort as well as give more information to Google. The company is bound to use this information for its own benefit in innovative ways while keeping you on your toes.

Google’s new and rapid changes across several aspects including changing its search results page should not alarm you. However, they should certainly compel you to adapt to these frequent changes and ensure no adverse effect on your ROI.

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