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Presenting your viewpoint with data is often a difficult task since most presentations end up as a boring collection of pie charts and graphs. What you need to do is to break-up your written presentation with an exciting form of storytelling interjected with simple data tables or graphs that manage to hold the attention of your audience.

One simple tip is to avoid presenting complicated graphs in the first place. Your audience does not need to be impressed with your technical skills, but rather with your complete presentation. Also avoid the use of blinding colors or using dark backgrounds immediately behind darker text that forces viewers to squint in order to read clearly.

A basic bar chart can deliver a far better impact than a pie chart filled with small slices of color and bunched-up text. Contrasting colors for bars and text within those bars will help viewers to easily read the desired information. Highlight vital areas of your visual presentation with vibrant colors such as red to instantly catch the attention of your audience.

As far as the accompanying text is concerned, keeping it simple would be a wise option. You need to anyway firstly identify your target audience that will potentially read your presentation before you create a powerful presentation on a matching wavelength. Start out with a simple-yet-powerful punch line to get the attention of your audience before you continue on a precise and simple note.

If required, include examples to explain further during your presentation along with data in matching form of tables or charts. Enable people to sit up and imagine the points that you are presenting so as to impressively lead them towards the climax of your presentation that ends with a precise call for action.

Merging data and storytelling is a wonderful way of engaging your audience, and using Google spreadsheets is one such way of presenting eye-catching data with an attention-catching story.

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