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The quickest and best way to enhance your visibility on social media and connect with your target market is to first reach out to a powerful social media influencer. You can then piggy-back your way to success and can also transform the influencer into your brand ambassador.

Your first line of action will be to look out for a social media influencer that is connected with your industry, your products or services, and your target audience. The influencer should have a large fan following and should be a respected voice in your industry. You can opt for a controversial influencer that can ignite passionate tweets and shares all over the social media scene, but only after ensuring that it does not adversely harm your business or your reputation.

If you personally know the particular influencer, you can use that to your advantage. But even if you do not know that influencer, you can still reach out to them by posting positive comments on their posts as well as sharing them with others. You can also begin sharing ideas with that person so as to develop a relationship with them, before giving them an idea of creating personalized content especially for them that they could then share with their fans.

If a particular influencer refuses your offer, you merely need to move on to another influencer without feeling dejected. Once you locate a social influencer that likes your idea then you can begin working on creating content that will be happily shared by that influencer with his or her followers. This content should be created keeping in mind the creative tastes of your influencer and their fans too.

Once you have created eye-pleasing and thought-provoking content that you feel will be liked and shared by your influencer, you need to send it exclusively to him or her and hope that your influencer posts and shares it with all fans and followers. Your SEO team needs to ensure that the content and links not only garner interest from followers of your influencer, but also achieve enhanced authority in the process.

The fact that your influencer starts sharing your content with fans and followers will turn them into a brand ambassador for your products and services. This can turn into a win-win situation for all involved since you can add value to your influencer’s blog with high-quality and related content while you get instant access to their large number of followers even as your influencer gets a lot of good content for free.

Lastly, you need to measure the success of your efforts by using a wide range of tools and sources such as Google Webmaster Tools, Moz, Majestic, etc. The resultant data will help you measure success as well as make suitable changes to enhance your social media strategy.

You should certainly try out the above strategy since the worst that can happen in your search for a good social media influencer is a negative reply from a few of them. However, the rewards can be huge and can be enjoyed within a very short time.

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