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Many global organizations across the world have realized the importance of targeting local markets or making inroads into new unchartered territories. However, localization involves tremendous resources and does not pay back as quickly as businesses would like. This makes internet an attractive option to break into markets you had always dreamt of entering. Here if you follow the traditional SEO path the results will take a long time and you will need sustained efforts. But, there is good news! Pay-per-click or PPC can change the equation in your favor. This is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective methods available to businesses to access new markets and build brands.

Here is how you can go about doing it

Identify Your Market

Your product or service might be relevant globally and could also be a potential world beater but if you identify and target one or two markets to begin with it will help you stabilize. An in-depth research will help you identify your target market where your product or service will be truly appreciated. While choosing your target markets consider the following points.

  1. Are you well versed with the tax and other regulatory structures of the targeted market?
  2. Does the market feature on your shipping list? And, is shipping to this market cost effective?
  3. Do you and your staff have the language skills to conduct business in that market?
  4. Is the product or service you offer allowed to be imported in that market?

Once these questions are answered satisfactorily you can begin thinking of initiating a PPC campaign. However, you will have to decide the search engine that you think will deliver the best. Google by far is the most popular search engine globally. More than 84 percent people all over the world use this to look up information, products, and services. However, there are some markets where competitors of Google are market leaders and hence you need to find out which ones will suit you best. For example Baidu is the most popular search engine in China, while Yandex holds the number one position in Russia.

In case you intend to target a region or a market in China then you will need a local presence there by way of a website. You will also need a certificate issued by the Chinese authorities to conduct a Baidu PPC campaign. Also remember that each search engine has different rates and rules for PPC Advertising.

Once all these issues have been dealt with you are ready to start your PPC campaign. The most common mistakes that people and businesses do is assume that all that works with their native language will also work across cultures and languages. Well this is not true. Keywords in English will have no relevance even if translated accurately. You have to identify keywords for a particular market after considering factors like local language, search habits, and culture. This means that you will need SEO experts that speak the local language.

Not only do you need careful consideration of keywords and key phrases, but you will also have to make sure that your advertisement sounds like it was written by a local copywriter. This is how you will build trust amongst those that read your advertisement. The best option is to have a local or native speaker do this for you.

Having done all this you will now need to begin monitoring your campaign. Check which keywords impress and result in click-throughs leading to conversions. Continuously monitor and keep tweaking your advertisement. Also schedule your advertisements in such a way that your target audience is exposed to them. While you are doing this keep an eye on the currency markets as small changes in the exchange rates can affect your ROI negatively.

These are just a few points that you have to consider when you strategically opt for localization.

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