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Google Query Data contains a lot of information that can be extracted to improve your SEO strategy. Here are some crucial and simple tips that should help you learn a lot more about your web traffic and ways to boost traffic and conversions.

You need to begin by using Google Webmaster Tools and navigating to Search Traffic followed by Search Queries. You should import the displayed data into your Google Analytics account since this move will help you better massage your data and get customized reports.

You can then start locating non-branded traffic. You can filter out all core-brand related terms by using the Exclude option. The resultant report will provide non-branded traffic which can be further split-up by way of different headings such as clicks, impressions, etc.

Since all this filtered data pertains only to Google, it does not provide the entire picture. You can then utilize the Secondary Dimension section and click on the Google Property option. You will now be able to view data that is further broken down by way of “Web Search” that can be further broken down by Geo, “Image Search” that is traffic generated through image search queries, and “Mobile” that is traffic generated through mobile devices.

Reports through this filter will provide a deeper understanding of your traffic as well as keywords and phrases. You should begin looking at SEPR CTRs on different terms in order to improve CTR based on the above data. To better understand your problem, you should take a deeper look at your title as well as meta descriptions so that you can modify them for improved results.

You will need to better comprehend your query spaces and modify your keyword and phrase targeting in order to derive optimum SERP CTR. You should also consider improving internal link ratios to improve rankings.

Next, you can look at brand traffic by reversing the filter and setting it to only include branded traffic to your website. You need to consider Average Position, Performance, Images, and Google Property to understand and improve your SEO strategy. You should certainly extract reports based on different time frames or reports based on seasonal sales or during promotional offers to get a much more rounded picture.

You also need to analyze SERP display based on various elements such as personalization, universal such as images and videos among others, authorship that can result in higher CTR, and precious above-the-fold real estate in case of web and mobile.

When you look at all the above data and reports, you need to qualify that traffic by comparing them with your goals as well as other conversion data. You can look at whether the clicks seem to qualify as traffic, whether the page displayed in the SERP can be further optimized for that query, the location of the visitor, and whether their chosen device has managed to change their behavior. In addition, you should also consider if the SERP display has encouraged a visitor to click and whether the page in the SERP matches the needs of the visitor.

You will need to analyze the data and all reports based on your specific requirements since you may have varying primary as well as secondary conversion points. Google Query Data can definitely provide a lot of data that can help you improve your SEO strategy and achieve better figures in the future.

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