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Google has announced several changes in AdWords to make bulk editing easier and faster. If your AdWords bids need an adjustment for thousands of keywords then this feature will go a long way in making your campaign a lot quicker and easier.

This feature will also help you in case you need to refresh all your URLs as well as destination URLs in your account in case your web address has been changed. Similarly, locating text within your ad from hundreds of ads will become a lot easier after this update.

Here are a few aspects of this update that will help make bulk changes in AdWords a lot faster. In the keywords section, you will be able to search, append, and replace text in your chosen keywords or even the destination URL. Setting new bids that include increase to the first page or the top of page CPC is also easier. You can now change keyword match types, increase or decrease bids, and also add or remove labels in bulk.

Similarly, in the ads section, you will now be able to search, replace, and append text in the ad or the URL. You can change capitalization of your text as well as add or remove labels. In the Ad Groups section too, you can increase or decrease your bids in bulk, set new bids, and add or remove labels. Finally, in your campaign section, you will be able to set new budgets, increase or decrease your budgets, and add or remove labels in bulk in a simple and fast manner.

Google also allows you to preview all changes and then apply them. Bulk changes will keep running in the background so as to free you up to continue with other work in your account or even log out when bulk changes are being done. The status of your changes will be displayed in the form of a progress bar and those changes can also be reviewed upon completion.

Google has introduced other changes to make your life in AdWords a lot easier. For instance, the “Edit” button has now turned into a drop-down menu while the “Edit in Table” feature will be discontinued as editing several items will exceed the capability of this feature. You can now click on any specific campaign feature to begin editing it.

The AdWords help center too will be updated to incorporate the new changes and this includes the AdWords Glossary Entry for Bulk Items.

Google will launch this updated feature only to select AdWords accounts to gather feedback before releasing it for all users in the coming weeks. If you are one lucky AdWords member then you can provide your feedback to Google to help them improve this feature.

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