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With more than three quarters of the human population on earth having access to mobile it is one of the most effective tools available to measure the success of an advertising campaign. However, it is not easy to connect all the activity on mobiles to the business results of advertisers. Therefore advertisers are forced redefine their strategies in order to correctly predict or gauge the effectiveness of their mobile marketing campaigns.

Some business monitor the volume of their apps downloads and then through analytics monitor the usage. The revenue generated from the app downloads is also a good indicator. Another method is to monitor the number of extensions that consumers take for each app download. Having said this it sure is difficult to accurately calculate the actual conversion. Here we can use the formula used for telemarketing. If an agent makes a call and speaks to the customer for six minutes then it means that the customer is an interested customer. It is a known fact that telemarketing agents convert almost 30 percent of all calls deemed as interested customers. Hence we can quantify the conversion rate.

Coupon is another way by which advertisers can measure success. If the number of coupons downloaded is significant and there is a corresponding increase in the sale of certain products then advertisers can attribute certain dollar values to each coupon downloaded. The same can be said about application downloads. It is now quite clear that an increase in application downloads leads to better revenue and advertisers can now attribute dollar value to each app download.

Mobiles and tablets today touch the lives of most consumers and have become a tool that a consumer uses several times a day. It is one important channel that connects one consumer to the other. Advertisers will need to integrate this channel into their mobile marketing campaigns strategies and assign values to the responses they receive for their initiatives on mobiles, tablets, and smartphones.

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