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Last month amidst much fanfare Google announced Enhanced Campaigns to help marketers. Simplification and scalability of customer reach in a multi-screen world was the main intention of enhanced campaign. Let us today see how enhanced campaigns will work with display campaigns.

The import of enhanced campaigns for display

Today customers access the internet from various devices like smartphones, tablets and desktops/laptops. They look at different sources such as Eco-magazines, newspapers, online reviews, recommendations from friends via social media, etc before actually making the purchase. Display advertising merely catches all these signals that emanate and connects with consumers on multiple screens. However, deciding to reach a customer with the right advertisement is difficult to say the least. Enhanced campaigns for display helps marketers reach people with advertisements that are just right for their screens, their location, and their preferred time. All this from one single campaign, isn’t it magical!

Features of enhanced campaign

Signals used for search and display are different. Keywords are used to understand user’s intent while a variety of signals are used to display advertisement. A website will use:

  1. Demographics: To reach a specific age group that has historically spent more than average
  2. Interest Categories: To reach customer that have historically shown interest in a product or service
  3. Remarketing: To reach customers who have purchased a service one or more times in the past and are likely to buy the same product or service one more time
  4. Topic targeting: To reach those searching similar sites

Users intent and potential action may differ depending on context, hence signals such as location, time of the day, and device are also important.

Location: Users in one location/state/county will convert more easily than users in other locations

Time of day: Users looking for travel related information and intending to purchase a service related to travel will book between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Device: Users generally browse on smartphone and go back on desktops/laptops and make bookings or purchases.

You no longer need to create multiple campaigns to reach different types of people with different habits. All can be reached with enhanced campaigns. In one single campaign you can bid for various signals and reach your target customers.

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