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Search engines as well as social engines have realized the true power of Semantic Technology and have been increasingly using this feature to deliver far more intelligent results. These engines are being improved upon at a rapid rate in a bid to extract commercial benefits by way of targeted advertising and automatic topic recognition to narrow down results expected by search engine users.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are already hard at work extracting the most out of metadata as well as providing enhanced displays through tools such as Rich Snippets, Tiles, and SearchMonkey. All their efforts are also directed towards a bid to boost CTR.

These search engines have long understood the power of leveraging Semantic Search Technology to provide results most relevant to search queries. They have been improving their semantic search techniques since 2008. Comprehending user query and using reason and logic along with information on previous results helps these search engines improve the quality of their results.

In 2011, Google, Yahoo, and Bing got together to create a standard in terms of vocabulary through Help from open source vocabulary data created by the Semantic Web Community also helped these search engines. Using Google’s Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Carousel will help you understand how this search engine is extracting structured data from In addition, it will also help you comprehend how they are utilizing other features such as Rich Snippets to display that data in an eye-catching way.

Semantic Search Technology is not only exploited successfully by major search engines, but can also be a useful tool for SEOs in understanding how relevant results are extracted from queries. Search Engines can utilize several tools as well as previously verified information to establish the actual intent of the user to provide more accurate results. Visual displays can also be improved in SERPs.

Semantic Search Technology holds tremendous potential that is being explored and implemented by major search engines in delivering more relevant results, semantic advertising, and much more.

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