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To many, SEO simply means seeking out the best possible keywords that promise value for money and ensuring their presence on the desired website. However, SEO means a lot more and with search engines updating their algorithms such as the arrival of the recent Google Penguin update, you too need to revise your SEO strategies to keep up with updated times.

The content on your website needs to be much more relevant to your line of business than ever before, but that does not imply merely filling your website with core keywords. Your new SEO strategy should include broad and related keywords as well as long tail keywords that are not only present in text content but also in video and image tags too.

Again, instead of focusing only on selling your products or services, you need to present a well-rounded website that also educates visitors through use of content, images and video that is related to your line of business. This subtle SEO as well as selling strategy will create that vital sentiment of trust while attracting search engine bots too.

Adding articles, blogs, and press releases, and encouraging viewers to share this information with others is the new SEO strategy to attract search engines and your target market alike. However, you also need to remember to have a good time as you present an informative and attractive website filled with several aspects not found in competing sites.

These days, an aggressively created website might end up on the wrong side of updated search engine algorithms and could frighten visitors away too. While keyword-rich content is the key to attracting robots and humans alike, a well-rounded approach that provides a pleasant browsing experience while encouraging them to absorb, share, link, and eventually purchase through a natural flow of events, is the key to success.

With major search engines releasing updates that indicate a change in their ranking algorithms, you too need to update and even broaden your SEO strategies to provide a pleasant experience to viewers while allowing the trust factor to deliver increased conversions.

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