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Content creation and publication involves a lot of time and effort, and you may have wished to get a lot more out of your content without falling foul of search engine algorithms. Well, here are some important SEO tips to get the most out of your content without getting entangled in duplicate content issues.

These tips can help re-post your external publications back on your very own blog, help improve user experience, email marketing, and RSS feeds with ease. Once you put your own external publications on your site, WordPress and other CMS platforms can show small portions or thumbnails of that content along with a link on your own website that allows viewers to get quick access to it. You can enhance your visibility and show your readers that you publish content on other sites too.

Another way to broaden the scope of readership is to make your content available by RSS readers. Your followers may actually never discover you or learn about your content unless they had subscribed to every blog published by you, unless you use this tactic.

You can also embark on an email marketing campaign that scans your blog for new content at a particular date on each month or fortnight and sends notification emails to subscribers of your blog. You can use the RSS to Email tool from MailChimp to send such emails that informs and encourages your subscribers to keep in touch with new content on your blog.

Other SEO techniques too can help extract more out of your content. One neat way is to summarize your existing publication and provide a reference to the original publication. You should add eye-catching titles as well as add an image of the article to attract viewers into clicking. Adding updates is also a good idea to continue milking that content to the maximum extent possible while providing fresh content to viewers.

For content that is posted on many sites that are managed or controlled by you, the rel=canonical option provides a very good option. You only need to insert the rel=canonical tag within the head section of your page, which is linked back to the original source in order to guide Google to provide PageRank and display the appropriate webpage in search results.

In case you face problems using the above tactic then applying a 301 redirect could be your best option. This option may not suit everyone, but you can try it out in case you wish to show readers that you have been published on other blogs or have been featured in noteworthy news. You can use the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin from Don Fischer to effectively use this strategy in case you use WordPress.

You can then create a duplicate blog post that has the same content displayed in your guest blog. You must make a unique excerpt that can help boost your CTR. You need to use the plugin to activate your redirect by opening it in a new window, choose whether you want to add the rel=”nofollow” to pass link juice, choose the position of the redirect URL, enter your guest blog post URL, and change the redirect into a 301 permanent. Once you have ticked or un-ticked the appropriate boxes, you can publish the chosen blog post.

You can use the above tips to re-post your publications on your site that can attract more viewers without attracting Google’s wrath on duplicate content. Your viewers will be able to learn more about you and what you share even as you attract new viewers into your fold.

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