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As marketers we do quite a few things wrong which become the genesis of articles like “Top Five Mistakes Marketers Do” or “Top Ten Mistakes In SEO” and so on and so forth. This is not such a bad thing as it keeps us on our toes all the time. However, there is also a time when we should take a step back and applaud all the good and right things we do. So, instead of talk about negative things it is time we talk about the things we do right as marketers.

We rely on analytics to make correct decisions

We no longer rely on our gut feelings when we take decisions. Gut feeling and speculation is prone to mistakes. We realized early on that our home page was the top converting page and hence stopped tinkering with it, and instead focused on product landing pages which had a poor conversion rate or a higher bounce rate.

We chose our social media correctly

Social media is an important place to be. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc are some of the most influential social media platforms. Being present on social media calls for engagement with our prospective consumers, however, we have realized that being present on each one of them does not serve our purpose and we have now started focusing on social media outlets where our prospects actually live and work. We have now begun positioning ourselves as experts on those outlets where our prospects can reach us when they need answers and solutions.

We have realized the power of great content

We now acknowledge that great content which is relevant for readers is good for our website. We today create far better content than we used to in the past. Companies have begun hiring content creators with the express mission to create valuable content for readers and visitors.

We know who our competitors are

We keep a close watch on our competitors and know their moves before they actually make a move. This has helped us make logical and informed decisions about where we should invest our time and money or change and redirect our marketing strategies.

Implementing structured Data

We now give publisher validation the import it deserves and are setting up authorship. We make sure search engine bots and users both understand our content. We look at competitors and find chinks in their content strategy and create rich snippets so that our search engine result rankings improve considerably.

We use Bing and Google Webmaster tools

We are cognizant of how search engines view our website. We make sure we do not find ourselves on the wrong side of webmaster guidelines of different search engines. We are aware of the pitfalls that technical issues can lead our website to. Today we keep track of how search engines index our websites, we keep note of the URLs in our XML sitemap, we make sure there are no broken links, and we make sure we do not loose traffic to 404 pages. We regularly use webmaster tools to showcase our new content to Google and use Bing to review and reorient our linking strategies.

If you and your team has been doing all these things you are on track and are doing a commendable job. Great results await you. Good Luck!!

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