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In this age of hyper-connectivity our mobiles keep us connected to the world anytime and anywhere. We expect any and all information at our fingertips whether it is locating the nearest pizza parlor or booking your airline tickets for a vacation. A recent study conducted found that mobiles have caused an immediacy effect, which essentially means more than 50% conversions happen after searching on mobiles in one hour after the search.

Generally it has proved difficult to quantify mobile’s impact on conversions. Most surveys rely on broad recall questions and the data therefore was not reliable. However, researchers came up with a novel idea; they asked participants to log their searches over a two week period in a mobile app. A total of 6000 searches were logged. The participants were then asked what actions they took over the searches. The result that came out was fascinating and gave a clear indication of the relationship between mobile searches and conversion.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1.  77 percent mobile searches happen at home or work. This means that mobile is always on and marketers can reach potential consumers throughout the day.
  2. Mobile search strategies have to factor in the different contexts that customers can be reached throughout the day.
  3. 36 percent people conduct additional research after the initial search result is displayed.
  4. Close to 25 percent people visit the website.
  5. 17 percent visit the online store
  6. 17 percent make a purchase.
  7. 7 percent place a phone call.

This indicates that mobile searchers take action and that too immediately. Close to 55 percent conversions happen within the first hour itself. This could be explained as a result of searchers being close to the point of purchase when the search was conducted. Almost 45 percent mobile searches are conducted to help take a decision. This means marketers should be present with their ads when searchers are most likely to search and take decisions.

The study also showed that types of searches are connected to specific contexts like time of the day and location. A mobile user is twice as likely to conduct a shopping search when he/she is in a store. This gives marketers a golden opportunity to reach such people when they are most likely to take action.

In short mobile gives marketers unprecedented opportunities, how they capitalize on it is a different matter. But one thing is for sure, mobility has changed the way we explore, search, and shop.

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