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The internet has truly expanded beyond all expectations and over time has reached its current limits of available IP addresses that number at around 4.3 Billion provided by way of IPv4. However, June 6 will be another historical date in the online world with the launch of the Internet Protocol version 6 or IPv6 that ensures more than adequate IP addresses to the tune of 340 trillion, trillion, trillion.

Several Industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and several others have taken the initiative to expand the internet since the current capacity has already breached its available limits. All participating Internet Service Providers as well as network hardware manufacturers will be shifting permanently to IPV6 in parallel with the existing IPv4 from June 6, 2012 onwards and companies such as Google are hopeful that most users will shift to IPv6 in the coming days.

While IPv4 provided a 32 bit address for each IP address, IPv6 provides a 128 bit address that multiplies capacity to a level that should be sufficient for several years, if not decades. If you are a website owner that wants to reach out to a larger target audience, then you will need to ensure that your website supports connections over IPv6 in the coming days. You will also need to ensure that your content matches IPv4 content so as to ensure effective SEO results.

Google has been providing IPv6 ready services since a long time, but only to networks that were a part of the “Google over IPv6” program. After June 6, all networks will be able to freely utilize the IPv6 network. If you are a website owner then you will need to ensure that your web development and SEO team can complete a smooth transfer to the “21st Century Internet” as stated by Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, Vint Cerf.

IPv6 should be able to easily handle the influx of mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops, as well as any new emerging devices for a long time. June 6 will truly be remembered as an important milestone in the expansion of the World Wide Web.

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