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Compared to PPC landing pages, SEO landing pages need additional effort to attract organic traffic while calling visitors to act and convert. SEO landing pages require content that is longer, need to follow a theme, and finally take a softer route to ensure conversions.

Here are important tips to create fantastic SEO landing pages that will impress both visitors and updated search engine robots.

You need to begin by analyzing search queries to find out the actual intent of your visitors. This user intent analysis will help you determine the content that you need to display, the positioning of that content on your site, the position of the visitor within the buying cycle, and finally the call-to-action strategy to adopt in a subtle manner.

Starting out with a very aggressive call-to-action or blatant advertising of a related product will not deliver the desired results and you may just end up with high bounce rates. Instead, offering free newsletters on the chosen topic will make your visitors feel more comfortable on the landing page and encourage them to linger on.

Analyzing your visitor’s position in the buying cycle is also crucial since in case a visitor has arrived at your landing page based on a slightly aggressive keyword phrase, then you could respond with an equally aggressive sales pitch to sell your product.

Another crucial tip is to create a Solutions segment on your website, which in effect should be only a couple of clicks away from your home page. This content-rich transitional page should help command authority, have high SERPs, and should be optimized to rank high on organic searches.

This Solutions page should also cater to keyword relevancy and demand, and should contain longer content since this feature will deliver better ranking and conversion. The content should be inserted keeping in mind the needs of your target visitors and should offer a solution to any query or problem of the visitor. However, you should ensure that you do not indulge in keyword stuffing or try to over-optimize this page since this will adversely affect rankings and conversions.

Here are some crucial tips on creating such a Solution SEO landing page. You firstly need to create an eye-catching Headline that attracts the visitor and encourages him or her to continue reading. For Instance, if your website sells natural pain relieving medications then your headline could include “Get Relief from Body pain the Natural Way”.

Next, you will need to write a paragraph or two about body pain, its causes, its symptoms, its debilitating effects, and long-term side-effects of popping commercial drugs to suppress the pain. You can include a few facts and figures to impress your viewers. You should not include any sales pitch of your product at this stage since you merely need to warm up the visitor at this point.

Your next paragraph should focus on long term problems caused by commercial drugs as well as begin to highlight the advantages of shifting towards a natural cure. You can state the USP of your own product as you build up the tempo towards your final paragraph. For example, you can mention that natural medications can offer a long-term solution by extracting the problem from the root without any associated side-effects.

Your last paragraph should include a Call-To-Action where you encourage your visitor to take action to purchase your All-Natural Pain Relieving Medication. You can also include special offers or discount deals here. Additional features of your SEO landing page could include videos, testimonials, certification badges, awards, etc., to boost visitor confidence about your product.

The above tips should help you create and display fantastic SEO landing pages that reward you with high conversions and rankings. However, you will also need to evaluate the performance of these pages to continually improve them in these fast-changing times.

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