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You may want your e-commerce website to convert your target visitors into happy clients, but have you ensured that your website delivers the perfect amount of information required by casual visitors and serious shoppers? Here are some useful tips to please visitors and enhance conversions on your e commerce website.

Unlike a traditional store, your website can impress and convert a visitor only through his or her computer screen. The first step to catching the attention of each visitor to your website is to opt for high resolution product images. A low quality image might load faster, but could fail to impress your target market. A high resolution image will reveal delicate details of your products and surely impress each visitor.

In addition to high-res images, you also need to display additional images from different angles to enable the visitor to get the complete picture. This can be achieved with a zoom facility, models posing in different poses with your product or different shots of your stand-alone product, as well as displaying your product in different available colors. You can also include videos as well as user testimonials on each product page to further impress visitors.

A product comparison as well as displaying detailed pricing information is another way to impress viewers and convince them that the product displayed is perfect for their needs or desires. If your website sells products in different countries, you also need to display prices in local currencies of specific countries. This information should be based on the latest conversion rates that should also be displayed.

Each product page on your website must also remain consistent in terms of data displayed as well as displayed template. Your visitors must not get confused by different templates or styles of information displayed as they jump from one product page to another.

The information supplied against each product on your website should be extensive, keyword-rich, and should also be precise. You should highlight benefits of the product along with features and specifications of that product. Furthermore, you should offer live chat facility, if possible throughout your website so that a visitor can ask any query on a real-time basis.

Furthermore, you should display all possible contact information such as email address, telephone and fax numbers, and detailed address of your physical store or website at the bottom of each product page. This will not only boost the trust factor, but in addition will enable the shopper to contact you for any additional information or query. Ignoring to display such information will cast a dubious shadow over your e-commerce website.

You should also ensure that you provide printer friendly product pages for your visitors. You should exclude links, advertisements, sitemap details, etc., to ensure that the visitor receives the desired information without running out of printer ink.

Lastly, your e-commerce website should also contain a Call to Action that encourages the visitor to turn into a happy shopper. You can use colorful graphics and text with messages such as Add to Cart, Buy Now, I Want This, or any other message of your choice. In addition, you should also display other actions such as Compare Products, Print, Add to Wish-List, etc. Special offers or discounts, if any, should also be prominently displayed near your Call to Action.

The above tips will help you to present attractive product pages to all your online visitors and shoppers, and will certainly help to transform a curious visitor into a happy customer.

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