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Everyone from a site owner, SEO, and marketer wants more traffic to their websites along with higher conversions and revenues. However, the trick is to attract new customers and keep them without utilizing a huge budget. Here are some useful tips to get new customers and transform them into loyal ones.

Your initial customers can be converted into your brand ambassadors provided you give them the royal treatment. You can begin by sending them personal Thank You emails or even handwritten cards as well as offering them any help that they may require. You can also offer them special discount coupons or free gifts based on your budget.

Another very useful tip is to extract data from your FAQ section or even your Help forum. You can get long-tail search queries from these sections that have resulted in a buy decision. You can conduct keyword research to get to the top of search results for questions posted on your FAQ section. You must remember to include a call-to-action on your FAQ page to encourage users to sign up for any service or product offered by you. You can use tools such as GetSatisfaction and UserVoice among others as platforms for your FAQ section.

In addition, you can also engage in a partner distribution exercise that provides special offers and discounts through your partners. The costs involved are very low, but you can certainly witness higher traffic and conversions through this tip.

You should also track where your competitors seem to get mentioned so as to locate link prospects. You can use tools such as Fresh Web Explorer to do just that and find opportunities that can help you build a relationship as well as a link.

One sure-fire way of getting new customers through existing ones is to go for a double loop referral program. You can provide special offers and discounts to both the existing customer as well as the new one referred by them. This underutilized tip holds tremendous potential for keeping all your customers happy.

Another cool way to build links without manual outreach is to opt for verified programs. Programs such as Twitter and Google Analytics provide a verification process that rewards those that pass with a badge that can be displayed on their websites. In addition, this badge contains a link to that site. You too can try out this strategy for enhanced visibility and credibility.

One tip that should be implemented is to reach out to all users that may have cancelled their accounts in the past. There are chances that some users may require your products once again or may have forgotten about your site. You can send emails to such past users with an attractive offer to win back their patronage.

You can also engage in an influencer outreach program to take care of these important people. You can use tools such as Klout or FollowerWonk to locate influencers for your website or business. You can provide early access or promote special offers to your influencers to quickly expand your market or get a good response when you officially launch any new product.

You can also implement steps over a long-term basis to attract new customers to your site and business. You can use a viral loop strategy whereby you offer campaign credits to other sites in exchange for allowing you to display your ad or provide a special offer on their sites. This strategy creates a win-win situation for all involved while lowering your marketing bill to a great extent.

You can also offer various Beginner’s Guides for free to attract visitors and potential customers. Although this strategy requires a lot of effort, the rewards can exceed your expectations. You need not worry if you are a known or unknown brand since there is a huge market for such guides in the online world.

You should also try to integrate your product with other well-known products to expand your visibility and your market. Product integration is again a win-win situation since there is hardly any new investment required while there is a chance to develop a long-lasting relationship with a stronger company.

One final tip is to offer free standalone tools that actually act as the top of your funnel acquisition system. You can use data derived by use of that tool to then convince the user to upgrade to your paid products. Many companies including HubSpot have successfully used this strategy to get new customers into their fold.

The above tips can certainly lead new customers to your website or your business at extremely low investments. However, you will need time and effort to execute and monitor these tips to ensure that they succeed in rewarding you with new and loyal customers.

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