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As a SEO or marketer, you may have certainly utilized a host of Google marketing resources to track and improve your campaign. While you may have utilized Google Analytics and the AdWords Keywords Tool to get estimates on search volumes, there are several other undervalued tools as well as new ones recently introduced by Google that should be considered for a better campaign.

One new resource introduced by Google in Beta form is Universal Analytics. This resource is said to replace Google Analytics and will help extract an increased number of reports for further in-depth study of data. Universal Analytics will help you track individual users across several devices, inject offline data to study your customers in greater detail, provide 20 customized dimensions and metrics, use a single cookie for faster speed, and allow you to set customized settings for sessions and campaigns.

An existing and undervalued resource from Google is the Tag Manager. This underused resource can help you target a page using a rule rather than using a source code or CMS, which saves time and energy. Tag Manager also frees your development team from updating tracking snippets and optimizes page loading since you can create firing rules only for the necessary pages.

A Google Chrome resource that should be checked in detail is Tag Assistant. You will be able to re-confirm your tag configurations after using the Tag Manager with this extension. You can instantly check the details of a chosen tag with a single click when you use the Tag Assistant.

For your market research exercise, you can try using Think Insights. This useful resource offers results of in-depth research studies conducted by Google along with various research companies.

This resource offers you a chance to access research studies based on industry, marketing goals, and even ad types, and all that for free. You also get access to Chrome Experiments, The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, and Creative Sandbox, which should help you achieve inspiration and data for future visualization projects.

One paid resource that must be used is Google Consumer Surveys. This affordable resource offers quick turnaround along with precise data and you must try it to go farther than the traditional client email list.

Another resource for deeper digging into search history and data is Trends. True to its name, Trends gives you crucial information in data form about future trends that may be followed by users. This valuable resource is a boon for long-term campaigns. You can also measure brand recognition by clients over time versus your competitors as well as track seasonal patterns for specific keywords over a year. Furthermore you can view and compare historical data, browse through present trending searches, and export the data to CSV when using this Google resource.

Another useful research tool that helps you access data from government as well as other public institutes is the Public Data Explorer. You can search and browse through several public data sets using a single interface as well as upload a data set of your choice too. You can use various visualization and chart approaches for your chosen data when you use this resource.

Finally, you should use Zeitgeist, a resource tool that provides a detailed yearly summary of search trends along with related events across the globe once you select the year and country of your choice. This resource tool can help brainstorm historical content along with content angles and get inspiration while viewing historical data in the form of a story.

While there are a few undervalued Google marketing resources not mentioned above, trying out the above ones will certainly provide far better insight and a powerful boost to your campaign.

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